Wycliffe serves minority language groups worldwide by fostering an understanding of God's Word through Bible translation, while nurturing literacy, education and stronger communities.

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Ellen Errington

My brain is still foggy from jet lag, but I wanted to give a short rep...
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Alan Hood

Last month, on my birthday, I experienced a shooting pain down my leg ...
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The difficult places


Growing up in northern Ontario, Derek knew he was going to be either a pastor, a missionary or a hockey player. Not necessarily in that order. When it became clear that his dream to play in the NHL wasn't going to happen, he still had a chance to pursue Junior Hockey. He spent a summer getting in shape for the tryouts. Three times a week he ran 10 k, roller bladed 10 k and cycled 10 k. On the alte...

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Library of Scripture Recordings now over 800 Languages


Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), a partner agency of Wycliffe Bible Translators, recently added 16 languages to their expanding catalogue of recorded Scripture, including Canada's Plains Cree language. Now at 813 languages, these recordings as a whole represent a potential outreach to more than 5.7 billion people in 189 countries, which equates to more than 80 per cent of the world’s population. In ...

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Photo Feature


Joseph, an Akoose national translator, visits with his mother in his village in Cameroon. Translators like Joseph are making it possible for their own people, of all generations, to read God's Word. Photo by Alan Hood/ Wycliffe Canada ◄ Previous...

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SIL Releases Early Learning Resource


New multilingual education (MLE) resources for children in the world’s indigenous minorities have been released by SIL, Wycliffe’s main partner organization. Available as a free download, the publication is called Heritage Language Playschools for Indigenous Minorities. It explains the reason for play-based mother tongue preschools, gives detailed plans to run such programs and includes a set of s...

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中文祈禱信2014年4月- prayer letter


首個「手語聖經」網站 聾人福音機構DOOR (Deaf Opportunity Outreach International) 是加拿大威克理夫聖經翻譯會的伙伴機構之一。他們正參與一個新的事工項目,就是製作首個可讓聾人群體隨時下載「手語聖經」的網站 Deafbibles.com。「手語聖經」並非以文字或錄音形式,卻是以視像短片的形式傳遞。這網站已上載了超過200個以7種不同的手語錄製的聖經故事,讓身處在印度、非洲布隆迪、肯尼亞、埃塞俄比亞、加納、烏干達及坦桑尼亞的聾人群體可用他們能看得懂的語言認識神的語言。請為 DOOR 的同工禱告,他們計劃今年再上載尼日尼亞及俄語的手語聖經故事。求神使用這些手語聖經讓近三百萬的聾人群體受惠。根據統計,現時全球有最少400 種不同的手語語言。   加拿大/南亞:譯經顧問審稿挑戰 加拿大威克理夫的譯經顧問 Ross Errington 正為兩個剛翻譯好的南亞...

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Eastern Apurímac Quechua (AIDIA)
Location: Peru, South America

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