Life through God’s Word

Christ is revealed through the Bible, and He is the one who transforms all people. Therefore, individually and as a community, our ministry flows out of and is shaped by God’s Word.

Dependence on God

Daily reaffirming our dependence on God, we discern how God is moving and empowering our ministry as the Wycliffe community prays.

Ministry through relationship

We model our lives, ministry and relationships after the living Word of God who was translated into flesh, lived among humanity and touched the marginalized.

God’s image is in everyone

We view people through God’s eyes, yearning for all people and peoples to know Him through their languages and to fulfil their role in His mission.

God speaks my language

Because God speaks to us through His Word, everyone should have equal opportunity to commune with Him in the language that best fosters deep and clear communication.

It’s not about us

With sober judgment regarding our unique, God-given role within God’s mission and in relation to the Church, we serve in our strengths with dedication, sacrifice and interdependence.

We find a way

Until all have access to God’s Word in the language that serves them best, we relentlessly tackle challenges and seize opportunities with faith, creativity and grit, using the resources God provides.