1 in 5 people around the world don't have access to the whole Bible in a language they best understand. 

God has spoken, and continues to speak, through His Word—the Bible. The Scriptures point to Jesus, the source of life, restoration, and salvation. Bible translation allows people everywhere to meaningfully engage with God’s Word, which he uses to transform lives in every culture, whether it’s shared in written form, sign language, oral Bible storytelling, audio Scriptures, or videos.

As a member of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, we’re part of a global movement that’s advancing Bible translation, literacy, capacity-building, and activities that encourage meaningful engagement with translated Scriptures. We work with national partners to foster local ownership, long-term sustainability, and increased impact of language projects.

With more than 400 staff and volunteers serving in Canada and overseas, Wycliffe Canada is directly involved in Scripture-related activities for 235 language groups in 38 countries. Additionally, we partner with Canadians to fund 21 language projects around the world.

The Bible translation movement has seen remarkable progress over the past 80 years. Much work remains—but it’s now possible to finish Scripture translation for those who still need it, in this generation.