Help someone join a literacy class this school year.

Illiteracy is the daily reality of more than 770 million adults globally—a majority of whom are women and girls. As you read this, over 250 million children worldwide are failing to acquire basic reading skills.

This back to school season, you can help make a difference by supporting Bible-based literacy.

Your back-to-school gift will:

  • Support mother-tongue literacy. Wycliffe’s literacy programs allow people to learn to read and write in their own language, and are in high demand.
  • Expose people to the Gospel through Bible-based literacy programs, which use Scripture-based reading materials.
  • Empower minority langauge speakers. Literacy impacts nearly every area of our lives. It has positive ripple effects on our health, political participation, work opportunities, and faith.
  • Have an eternal impact as people gain the skills to read God's Word.

With the school year rapidly approaching, this is a great time to give the gift of literacy to someone wanting to learn.

Stella, in Cameroon, loved school as a child, but was forced to drop out before she learned to read. Illiteracy robbed her of confidence and life opportunities. As an adult, she has learned to read through Scripture-based classes in her mother tongue! You can help others like her this back-to-school season.