This Christmas, can you share God's Word with someone who is waiting for the Bible in their language?






The days leading up to Christmas are all about waiting. Waiting can sometimes be difficult—especially when we are waiting for promises to be fulfilled. 

At Christmas, we remember that God’s people waited hundreds of years for the arrival of the Messiah. We celebrate that God kept His promise, and Jesus came to live among us.

Yet one in five people around the world still wait for the Bible in their language. This Christmas, you can help end their wait. 

When you give, you will help place the Bible into the hands of someone who has been longing to hear Jesus speak to them in the language of their heart.

Your gift toward Bible translation ministries will:

  • Resource dedicated Christians so they can progress in Bible translation, Scripture use promotion, capacity building and literacy projects around the world. Your support will help them reach communities with the hope found in God’s Word.
  • Encourage believers who have waited their whole lives to hold a Bible translated into their language!
  • Transform lives as people and communities encounter Jesus through His Word, in the language they understand best.

Will you consider giving this priceless gift?

“I am afraid...I am afraid that I will not see God's Word in my language before I die.”

- Buyuwe, in Papua New Guinea