This Easter, will you help share the Good News?

In Matthew 28, as part of the Great Commission, the resurrected Jesus instructs His disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. These words are a reminder to us that the Good News is for all people

This Easter, will you join us in extending the work of Bible translation to all language groups? Your support today will help someone who has yet to understand Christ’s offer of new life!

Your support this Easter will:

  • Resource Bible translators so they can progress in Bible translation, Scripture use promotion, capacity building and literacy projects around the world. Your support will help them reach communities with the hope found in God’s Word.  
  • Transform lives as people and communities encounter Jesus through His Word, in the language they understand best.
  • Help hasten the day God’s Word—and the Good News of His salvation—is accessible to all language groups of the world!

Will you join us in this effort this Easter?