Will you help us cross the finish line?

You can give Bible translation ministries the resources they need by the end of September.

Bible translation ministries often struggle this time of year. With Wycliffe’s fiscal year ending on September 30th, lack of funds can be all-consuming for Bible translators. This, in turn, slows down progress. 

Your gift today will help ensure nothing keeps our field partners from finishing translations and sharing the Good News with Bibleless people and communities worldwide in 2023. 

Give by September 30th to ensure all ministries cross the finish line and accomplish their goals this fiscal year.

Your gift today will:

  • Ensure Bible translation initiatives are fully funded by the end of our fiscal year. Many teams require support as they haste to complete their goals for the year. Your generosity will enable them to do so.
  • Resource Bible translators so they can focus on moving translation forward—not on budget shortfalls.  
  • Transform lives as people encounter the Word of God in the language that speaks best to their heart.
  • Bring us one step closer to the day when no man, no woman, and no child is Bibleless any longer.

“What we have in this country can’t be all there is,” said Samir*, in West Asia, to a Bible translator. “I need a different book and I need your help to get it . . . I need more information about this one, Jesus . . . please help me.”