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Emergency Fund

When you give to the Emergency Fund, you are supporting Bible translation workers in their times of greatest need. Through your gift, a Wycliffe member will experience support, regain health, and receive encouragement.

Retirement Fund

Increase your impact: your gift to this fund provides a matching amount of up to 50 per cent for active staff members who contribute $100 monthly to our retirement group plan.

Krista grew up in the small community of Penniac, New Brunswick. Her passion for Bible translation and literacy development was sparked while attending a Café Wycliffe event in her second year at Atlantic Baptist University (Crandall). She was amazed to learn that everyone has skills that can be used to advance God’s work in missions […]

David and Neva joined Wycliffe in 1996 as IT support and served overseas for the Suriname and Indonesian branches of SIL, Wycliffe’s key field partner. In 2003, the Duncans returned to Canada for medical reasons and to help look after their parents. David now serves with OneBook (a Wycliffe Canada partner organization), helping support national partners […]

Günther grew up in West Germany. His strengths in school were math and religious studies, while his weaknesses were languages. Trying to learn English/French/Spanish was a real struggle and very frustrating for him because of a lack of giftedness. He therefore could personally identify with people groups that did not have the Bible in their […]

Growing up in West Africa until her teen years, missions was already a part of Rachel’s life when her family returned to Calgary. Learning about the need for Bible translation while studying at Bible college led Rachel to get her master’s degree in linguistics and exegesis. After joining Wycliffe’s staff in 2006, she was assigned […]


Martin grew up in Switzerland and went with Wycliffe to Cameroon, Africa in 1985 to serve as an audio-visual specialist. While serving there, he met Chrissy, a New Zealander who was working in the finance office. They married in Cameroon in 1989 and their two children, Stephanie and Tony, were born there. In 1997, Martin was […]

Daniel and his wife Lisa took an assignment in East Asia in 2017 to serve in aviation maintenance. They joined Wycliffe in 2014 and prior to moving overseas, they received training for their roles there and developed a team of prayer and financial supporters. In their country of assignment, Wycliffe’s partner organization uses aircraft to […]

Ellen grew up on a farm in South Dakota. As a junior in high school, Ellen felt God’s nudge toward international missions while watching a Billy Graham crusade on television. It wasn’t until four years later, during college when she learned about Wycliffe’s work, that she gained further direction. Initially, Ellen thought teaching missionary kids […]

Ross grew up on a small farm in southern Ontario. Thanks to a neighbour who took him and his siblings to church, Ross gave his life to Christ as a pre-teen. He attended Bible college to strengthen that commitment to God’s call on his life. While there, he learned about the work of Wycliffe Bible […]

Roy was born in Toronto and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He met his wife Becky in university, and they began to pursue missions together while Roy was studying graphic design. The Eyres joined Wycliffe in 1997 and headed to Calgary a year later. Their family eventually grew to include three children. After four years with Wycliffe […]

Bonnie and Evan became Wycliffe members in 2012, joining the work of Wycliffe’s main field partner, SIL, in Southeast Asia for the first five years. Bonnie has served in finance, administration and communications roles, and Evan has served in technology and communications. Since 2018, Evan and Bonnie have been based out of the SIL executive director’s […]