Connecting for the Kingdom

Is your church seeking a more direct involvement in God’s global mission?

Does your congregation long to have a more meaningful relationship with a minority language group?

We can help.

At Wycliffe Canada, we believe God’s Word is at the heart of mission. The Bible is key for growing and sustaining churches across the globe. Today, more than 1,800 language groups around the world still do not have a single verse of God’s Word in their heart language.

That’s why we’d like to connect your church directly with local believers around the world who are ministering to their remote—often marginalized—communities. These passionate servants of Christ are transforming their communities through Bible translation and other language-related ministries, such as literacy, multilingual education and application of Scripture.

Your church can join their transforming ministry through a Kingdom Friendship.

Exploring Possibilities

Serving as a catalyst and coach, Wycliffe Canada can help your church connect with a minority language group in a mutually-beneficial relationship we call a “Kingdom Friendship.” Here is one church’s journey.

What is a Kingdom Friendship?

Each Kingdom Friendship is a unique journey, just like every relationship. But the key factor is that your friendship with a minority language community will be a two-way relationship. You can expect to:

  • Pray for one another
  • Connect personally
  • Share knowledge and skills
  • Support Bible translation ministries financially or materially
  • Learn together cross-culturally . . . and more.


Wycliffe Canada is encouraging a more concentrated effort of Bible translation ministries in fewer specific focus areas located in the Americas, Africa and Asia. These are where we can assist best in establishing Kingdom Friendships between Canadian churches and local believers. Your church could be connected in friendship and partnership with God’s people in one of these regions!

Story: Learn how a B.C. church is developing a Kingdom Friendship in Peru.

Take the Next Step

Wycliffe Canada is eager to help your church’s leaders, missions committee and congregation begin the process of establishing a Kingdom Friendship. Take the next step to establish or continue building a Kingdom Friendship.