Dana Barrett



Dana and her husband are originally from Jamaica. They became members of Wycliffe Caribbean in 2009 and 2008, respectively. Orane served as the director of Wycliffe Youth Network (WYNET) for Wycliffe Caribbean, engaging secondary and tertiary students across the region through cross-cultural camps, Bible camps, short-term overseas mission trips and drama productions. When Dana joined the staff of Wycliffe Caribbean, she served alongside Orane in WYNET, helping to plan cross-cultural camps and teaching at bible camps. Dana also served as a workshop presenter and did advocacy for the translation of the Jamaican Creole New Testament.

Orane and Dana moved to Canada in 2011 , where Orane did an MA in Christian Studies and Dana did an MA in Linguistics & Exegesis at ACTS Seminaries and the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CANIL) at Trinity Western University (TWU) in Langley, B.C. Orane now works as a maintenance carpenter at TWU and serves as a part-time volunteer at Wycliffe Caribbean.

In spring 2020, Dana also became a member of Wycliffe Canada. Once Dana reaches full support she will be assigned as an instructor of linguistics at CanIL, Wycliffe Canada’s training partner. As an instructor, Dana hopes to help raise awareness about the need for Bible translation and prepare those who will take up field assignments as linguists and literacy workers, two key supporting roles to the work of Bible translation. Through her assignment at CanIL, God will give Dana an opportunity to touch the lives of these future Bible translators and indirectly, the lives of the many nations they will impact through their work.

Orane and Dana have two boys ages 7 and 3.