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FRIESEN, Marvin and Edith


Marvin and Edith joined Wycliffe in 1995 when God opened their eyes to the fact that there
were many languages in the world that did not have the Bible in their own language. “Can we
help somehow?” is the question they asked of their friends, Wycliffe Canada missionaries Hart
and Ginny Wiens.

Since that time, Marvin and Edith have supported the work of Bible translation in several roles
and several places. After learning French at l’Université Laval in Quebec, they took their five
young children to Togo, West Africa, where Marvin’s hands-on skills and carpentry background
took him in the direction of managing a conference centre while adding new buildings and
renovating old ones.

Several years later, a three-year-term in Senegal, West Africa was also spent overseeing the
administration and management of the conference centre and head office for the work of Bible
translation in Senegal and its neighbouring country, The Gambia. In between and following the
years spent in Togo and Senegal, the Friesens have served the work of Bible translation in

Originally from Souris, Man. (Marvin) and St. Catharines, Ont. (Edith), they moved to Calgary in
2008 to join the staff of Wycliffe Canada’s head office, where Marv continues to work in
physical environments and manage Wycliffe Canada’s facilities in Calgary, Toronto, and Langley.

As a nurse, Edith’s role has been in the area of human resources. She has always enjoyed
teaching health classes and supporting people in their day-to-day health concerns, whether
serving overseas or in Canada. She was also on the team that kept contingency plans updated in
Togo, and served on the executive committee in Senegal. Edith is currently working as the
occupational health & safety co-ordinator for Wycliffe Canada and works part-time as a
registered nurse.

“Let the Bible translators do the translation work,” the Friesens say. “We’ll happily support
them by doing the hands-on and behind-the-scenes work so that the Word can get out there!”
They continue to thank God for opening their eyes many years ago and allowing them the
privilege of using their skills and abilities to support the work that is giving God’s living Word to
people in their own language.