HOOPER, Paul and Libby

Paul and Libby (both from the Toronto area) joined Wycliffe in 1973 and went to Papua New Guinea with their four children in 1974. They worked there for 13 years in a variety of support roles. They include:

For Paul – youth director, high school teacher, children’s home parent and branch administrator
For Libby – linguistic library supervisor, store department manager, children’s home parent.

They returned to Canada in 1987 and served as Wycliffe representatives in the Greater Toronto Region until 1992. They took a four-year break from active Wycliffe service, to both complete study programs. Paul also served as associate pastor of their home church. They then returned to work in the human resources department of Wycliffe Canada.

Since that time, both Paul and Libby have served in a variety of leadership roles for Wycliffe Canada. Presently, they are the co-ordinators of Wycliffe Canada’s Alumni ministry.

In their current roles, they are responsible for giving oversight to Wycliffe’s ministry to retired and resigned members and to adult missionary kids.

Their four children are all married and walking with the Lord and have made Libby and Paul the proud grandparents of 14 grandchildren.