HURST, Chris and Elaine

Chris and Elaine joined Wycliffe in 1976 as short-term assistants working in Brazil. Chris (originally from England), helped in maintenance and construction, while Elaine (from Saskatchewan) taught in the missionary children’s school and helped translators.

 After studying linguistics and Bible courses in the U.K., they accepted an assignment in 1984 with SIL, Wycliffe’s key field partner, to work in Bible translation among the Aztec people of southern Veracruz, Mexico.

 God raised up a team of three Aztec men, Plácido Hernández, Esteban Pérez and Hilario Salas, who have given decades of their lives to not only translating the Word of God in their own language but also promoting the use of their language in written form, song and video.

 The public dedication of the Scriptures in Nahuatl took place in February 2017.  Church leaders and town authorities in two Aztec communities held celebrations for the arrival of God’s Word in their mother tongue. Adults and children read Scripture portions, leaders gave speeches and others sang in their language. Both events were held in the town centres and were a witness to the local populations that God speaks their language.

 Chris and Elaine have four children and seven grandchildren. They will continue to assist the Aztec team as they go into the phase of distributing and promoting the use of the Nahuatl Scriptures in 20 towns and up to 80 churches.