MARTIN, Gordon

Gordon is part of a team working on various language software projects. Recent projects have included:

FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx), a software tool used by linguists and translators on the field to improve their understanding of the language into which they are translating God’s Word.
Bloom, a software tool that enables people in mostly oral societies to quickly produce booklets in their own language to foster literacy in the community (literacy goes hand-in-hand with Bible translation, producing “readers for the Book”).
HearThis, a software tool that enables people just receiving God’s Word in their own language to record an audio version for easy distribution to cell phones and similar devices.

Gordon joined Wycliffe in 1989. Prior to 2006, he and his wife Sue worked as translators among the Sokoro people of Chad for about 12 years. Based out of beautiful B.C., Gordon has been working remotely with the same software team since 2007.