Penner - Harold

PENNER, Harold


Harold met Anne at Providence College in Manitoba. They were married in 1976, had three kids and now have six grandchildren. Harold taught industrial arts in the public school system in Winnipeg for 16 years. In 1988, the Penners moved to Australia to do a one-year teaching exchange.

In 1996, Harold and Anne responded to the need for teachers at Faith Academy in the Philippines, a school for missionary kids. They were sent out with Wycliffe Bible Translators, initially committed for one year, but stayed for 20 years!

They moved back to Canada in 2017 due to the health needs of parents and to be around for their children and grandchildren. Harold is currently working with missionary kids who have moved back to Canada, as well as recruiting for Faith Academy Philippines.

The Penners are excited about Bible translation’s contribution to the Great Commission. They will one day be gathered around the throne of the Lamb, where there will be people from every nation (ethnos), tribe, people and language. (Revelation 7:9)