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In 2021, Terri marked 48 years with Wycliffe. The first half of her tenure was in Cameroon, while the second half has been served in the home office in Calgary. In Cameroon, she worked with two different language projects—Yamba and Nomaande, both of which have New Testaments in their language now. She also did administrative work in the head office there, including library work, microfiching, archiving documents, teaching French and many other activities. Her work benefited Bible translation in dozens of languages.  

In Calgary, Terri’s role was to oversee global Bible translation projects that Wycliffe Canada sends funds to. Her responsibilities included evaluating projects’ plans, progress and budgets. She was in this role from 1994 when the program was called “Partner with Nationals” till 2020.   

“Keeping the projects accountable to us and keeping Wycliffe accountable to our government and the donors was the underlying theme for that job,” she explains. 

The role often involved travel. Terri found it “a joy and privilege” to meet the staff of projects around the world and feel their passion for having the Scriptures in their own language. Whenever she met staff, she was struck at how their work enabled their own people to know God personally and at a deep level.  

Terri has visited projects in Canada, South America, six African countries, and five countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In 2020, Terri handed over her roles with projects and moved into the HR department, where she is helping them downsize and organize stats about members over the years.

Joining Wycliffe so long ago was an automatic response for Terri when she first learned that so many languages didn’t have the Bible translated into them. Thanks to the faithfulness of God’s people who have supported her financially and in prayer, she says she has seen the numbers of translations increase consistently throughout the decades.

“There is so much to praise God for, in my personal life and in the projects that Wycliffe is involved with.”