Sjoblom family Jan 2020

SJOBLOM, Luke and Rachelle


Growing up in Indonesia, Luke and Rachelle both saw the impact God’s Word has in the lives of new believers. They saw men and women turn from headhunting, cannibalism and generational retribution killings to lives of peace. And rather than turn to witchcraft to solve their problems, these Indonesians trusted in God’s power.

Before Luke and Rachelle married, they both desired to work full time in support of Bible translation. A year after they married, their desire became a reality as they were accepted by Wycliffe to work in the aviation program.

Now Luke and Rachelle are on their way to work in Indonesia! Luke will fly aircraft that holds up to 10 people. The planes will haul building supplies, sick patients, produce, the occasional live animal—and best of all – newly translated Bibles!

Aircrafts are crucial to Bible translation and church ministry in the province of Papua where the Sjoblom’s will serve. There are very few roads, much of the island is swampy, and the mountains are very steep. Planes are the only safe and effective way to access many of the island’s ministry areas. Luke and Rachelle are excited to return “home” together with their son, Ransom, and daughter, Adelaide.

Nowadays much of the work of Bible translation in Papua is done by Papuans. The first churches in Papua have matured to the point that they are sending their own missionaries to other parts of the island. Wycliffe members often partner with them to form a translation team. One of the aspects of the Sjoblom’s job that they are most excited about is supporting the transportation needs of these local missionaries.

Please consider partnering with Luke and Rachelle’s ministry by praying regularly or giving financially.