ATEK is an indigenous organization in southern Peru. Formed with help from Canadian Wycliffe members, and supported by generous people like you, ATEK targets one of the most significant problems among the members of the Cusco Quechua community: illiteracy.

For 500 years, oppression has left the Quechua community feeling inferior and marginalized. Most villages lack the infrastructure required for electricity, clean water and medical facilities. Illiteracy puts them at a disadvantage, and makes the Bible difficult to understand and use effectively in their lives.

That’s why ATEK’s dedication to the Quechua people is so crucial.

Through various workshops facilitated by ATEK, the Cusco Quechua people are not only being taught to read and write, but also how to understand the Bible. Literacy and the knowledge of God’s Word are multiplying. More and more Cusco Quechua people are meeting Jesus!


You can help make an impact for eternity for the Cusco Quechua people. Your financial gifts will enable ATEK to teach literacy, provide Scripture and discipleship resources, and offer leadership training and workshops. Workshops include sexual assault prevention, a significant issue in many remote communities. Additionally, your generosity will impact Quechua children through Sunday school materials and programs.


  • More than 70,000 Cusco Quechua Bibles have been distributed to Quechua communities, along with other written and audio-visual materials.
  • Some 6,100 women have learned to read and several among them are leading women’s groups.
  • Written and audio-visual materials produced by ATEK have been used regularly by Quechua speaking communities and churches.
  • Approximately 10,000 children learned biblical principles in Sunday schools and public schools. Many of these students are changing their way of life, thanks to leaders who are committed to the integral development of children in their communities.
  • More than 2,100 pastors and other church leaders have been equipped to help strengthen their churches.


2019 Project Profile

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