John and Juanita both grew up in Alberta. They met at Southern Alberta Bible Camp in 1986 and were married shortly afterward. John worked for many years in engineering and project management and Juanita looked after the home and their four children, living happily in Alberta and not imagining any major changes. However, around 2003 they began to sense God’s call into missions and a new and exciting season of their lives began. As the Scriptures have been a cornerstone for both John and Juanita, it’s not surprising that God led them to serve with Wycliffe.

In 2004 John and Juanita moved their family to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they served for 10 years in leadership and support roles helping the Bible translation work and related ministries in Southeast Asia.  They were able to serve in the missionary school (Juanita) and work in various leadership and support roles involved in translation, training, and literacy work in the region (John). 

John is currently serving in the role of development officer, while Juanita serves part time with the IT department. After 10 years overseas and being a part of the work “on the ground,” John and Juanita are now even more committed to the need for strong leadership and support back in Canada in order to help keep the field work fruitful.  They still have many ties to friends and colleagues around the world and look forward to the day when the Scriptures are translated, so that every tribe and language can have the Word of God.