Members of Wycliffe since 1983, Bill and Lori worked in Africa with Wycliffe’s key partner, SIL, for 19 years, in Congo-Brazzaville (Francophone/Central Africa), Mozambique (Lusophone/Southern Africa) and Kenya (Anglophone/Eastern Africa). They helped train Africans in linguistics for Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement.

The Gardners now teach students in linguistics and language learning with Wycliffe’s training partner, the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL), on the campus of Tyndale University in Toronto, preparing them to work cross-culturally with minority language groups in Bible translation and language development.

Bill is a linguistics and orthography consultant for Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) Africa, helping to develop and revise orthographies for languages with Bible translation projects in that region. He is also an ordained minister.

Their two adult sons, Jonathan and Michael, grew up in Africa, are now married and each have two sons themselves, whom Bill and Lori enjoy visiting in California during breaks between teaching at CanIL.