Marko, originally from Thunder Bay, Ont., and Pauline, a physiotherapy student from Ireland, met in Calgary in 1993, were married in 1996 and joined Wycliffe Canada in 1999. They both trained at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, B.C., where Marko graduated with a master’s degree in linguistics and exegesis.

Sharing a desire to see every people group in the world have access to God’s great Word in their mother tongue, the Hakkolas moved to Mali, West Africa in 2001 and were assigned to the Koso* Bible translation project in Mali in 2003.

Marko has worked primarily in facilitating translation of a panoramic Bible in two Koso languages, while Pauline’s role is to ensure that all translated Scripture is made accessible to the Koso-speaking peoples in every possible way. This includes radio programs, Bible storying and most recently, the dubbing of the “JESUS” film. They were evacuated to Burkina Faso in 2012 due to unrest in Mali, working from a distance for the next five years. Back in Mali since 2017, they are both fully involved in promoting the Koso Scriptures and are excited to see God using His Word in the lives of the Koso people.

Marko currently also fills the role of field security officer for Mali and Pauline has enjoyed coaching fellow members in partnership development at Wycliffe’s Calgary office.

Their four children are Jonah (1998), studying nursing in Calgary, Ciara (1999), studying nursing at Prairie College, Three Hills, Eileigh (2004) at boarding school in Dakar, Senegal and Alannah (2007), with them in Mali.

*pseudonym used for language group