Jeff is an internal coach for Wycliffe members, helping them build strong support teams. Lenice is the translation co-ordinator for the Papuan Malay translation team, and a translation and linguistic consultant. Papuan Malay is the trade language spoken in Papua, now a first language for over 2 million people. It is spoken by many more as a second language and has more speakers each year, as people move to the cities and intermarry, and as languages traditionally spoken in areas near the cities are being used less and less by the younger generations. 

Jeff and Lenice both are originally from Saskatchewan. They joined Wycliffe Canada in 2002 and first went to Indonesia in 2004, where Jeff served as an aircraft mechanic. Lenice did some linguistic work but was primarily at home in the early years, caring for their children. She started doing Papuan Malay translation work in 2012. The Harms have four children; the younger two are still at home.