Colin and Dot hail from St. Catharines, Ont. When pursuing God’s call to mission, they discovered that the analytical skills required in Bible translation and linguistics dovetailed perfectly with their personalities and their training in the sciences.

They joined Wycliffe in 1988 and worked among the Turka people of Burkina Faso (West Africa) from 1993 through to 2018. The Turka are an ethnic group of about 37,000 people living in the southwest region of the country. The Suggetts moved to the village of Fabedougou in 1995, where they began learning and documenting the Turka language and culture, and devising a workable writing system. Six years later, they began their translation work. The literacy rate among the Turka is very low. To ensure that many people have access to translated Scriptures, the Suggetts adopted an approach which incorporates a variety of strategies suitable for an oral society, including audio recordings of Scripture, biblical dramas, and Christian worship songs based on Scripture passages. These materials are now available to people SD cards for use on cell phones or digital audio players.

After completing their work in Burkina Faso, the Suggetts took on assignments closer to home: Colin now works as the lead software tester for SIL’s award-winning book-production tool called Bloom, and Dot splits her time working as an assistant biblical exegete for some languages in South Asia, as well as coaching Wycliffe missionaries in becoming more confident and effective communicators to their supporting churches.