Peace River Sign Language

Southeast Asia

Research indicates that more than 350 sign languages are in use around the world today, yet only one—American Sign Language—has a translation of the complete Bible! And only two per cent of the Deaf population worldwide has been introduced to the gospel.

That means that nearly 70 million people are still waiting to understand the Good News.

Note: The video above was recorded using American Sign Language (ASL)

Through support from people like you, a community of Deaf believers is working hard to translate a set of chronological Bible stories into their language, using sign language in a video format because they are unable to read written scripts.

More than 540,000 Peace River* sign language users live in a restricted-access country in Southeast Asia, where Christians are few and persecuted. Peace River speakers are part of an ethnic minority and many live in conflict zones.

Worldwide, 80 per cent of the Deaf do not even have access to formal education in order to learn to read and communicate with others. Often, they are a minority within a minority. As you can imagine, this can lead to loneliness and despair. The Deaf need the hope of the gospel.

You can help the Chronological Bible Translation team reach the Peace River Sign Language community for the first time with the hope of God’s Word.

Due to the sensitivity of the region this project is located in, please contact development@wycliffe.ca for the latest updates on this project.


You will help:

  • Produce a chronological translation of the Bible over the next three and a half years
  • The predominantly Buddhist Deaf population engage with Scripture, through chronological stories from Mark’s Gospel and portions of the Old and New Testaments

In the U.S., when a Deaf woman named Tanya began engaging with the Bible in video format, she was finally able to have a relationship with God.

“I remember thinking, ‘God I want to communicate, I want to understand who you are.’ I felt so disconnected. Now I have a relationship with God. I feel so close to Him. Now I know that he is my Father, my beloved. I am so grateful for the gift of God’s Word in sign language . . . thank you, God.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear a testimony like Tanya’s, from someone in Southeast Asia? You can help make this happen.



Pray for peace instead of political conflict. Pray for safety instead of fear. Pray the translated words of the Bible will bring comfort and hope.

A Deaf woman worships God using Thai Sign Language at Grace Era Club Church in Bangkok, Thailand.

Remaining Need:
of $210,090

Current phase:


  • 2022-23|$69,790
  • 2023-24|$69,900
  • 2024-25|$70,400

Your gift will help: