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Why are some Bibles left closed, gathering dust, while others transform individuals, communities and generations? Scripture Use Research and Ministry (SURAM) will help uncover this important mystery. It does so by surveying 28 language groups in Cameroon to identify best practices in, and obstacles to, the use of Scripture.

SURAM was initially conducted in Papua New Guinea in 2017. Now, SURAM Cameroon can help confirm findings, and explore how results differ in a different context. The research will not only identify how to best engage in Bible translation in Central Africa, but will help determine what principles might be true in all language programs! 

If a translated Scripture sits on a shelf, it is of no use. Through this initiative, we hope to determine the best ways to foster engagement with and ownership of the Scriptures among minority language speakers. Beyond this, SURAM Cameroon will assess the cost and impact of different Scripture Engagement activities, to determine which to prioritize going forward. With your help, Bible translation projects can more effectively engage communities with the Scriptures every time, leading to lives transformed for eternity.


Keeping up with the pace of translation. As Bible translation accelerates around the world, we ask: How can we ensure translated Scriptures are actually being used? This initiative helps identify and strengthen existing Scripture use activities that are the most effective.

Re-engaging communities with underutilized translated Scriptures. Through this initiative, newer forms of Scripture distribution will be tested to help communities with translated Scripture discover approaches to study the Bible and apply it to their lives. 

Strengthening partnerships and best practices amongst Bible translation organizations. SURAM Cameroon brings together multiple stakeholders in the Bible translation movement to research and establish best practices in Bible translation across the Wycliffe Global Alliance (our network of organizations) and its partners. Our prayer is that the initiative will strengthen collaboration between translation partners!

This will be the largest research project of its kind. The resulting indicators will ensure that translated Scripture is used in fostering sustained transformation in communities in Cameroon—and beyond.


Pray for the 6-member language survey team as they do surveys in Yemba (West Region) and Ngiemboon (West Region) in February 2023.


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