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“YWAM has people”. . . and a big vision

Forty-six countries have five or more languages still needing Bible translation to begin, totalling 1,142 languages. YWAM has people in every one of those countries — including mother-tongue speakers for about 200 of the languages.

Preparing to “taste the joy”

“Every morning when I wake up . . . I close my eyes and see a vision of me standing in a wide, open green field, holding up the Bible my wife is going to help translate. . . .”

WUERMLI, Sam and Dolores

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.’” Psalm 32:8 (NLT) Sam was born in Switzerland and is the second oldest of four boys. Their parents worked for Gott hilft (God helps) as houseparents for a home of about 30 children….

PETERSON, Doyle and Carol

Carol and Doyle each grew up in missions-minded families and accepted Christ before their teen years. They have committed their careers to bringing God’s Word to people in all languages and ethnic groups.They were each sent into missions by their home churches and met while serving with Wycliffe’s partner for technical services, JAARS, at their…

FRIESEN, Derryl and Karen

Derryl and Karen were both born in Canada but have lived their whole lives as global citizens all over North America, the South Pacific, Africa and Southeast Asia. As young children, both Derryl and Karen moved with their parents to Mexico for Wycliffe’s iconic jungle camp training and then moved to grow up together in…

CHENG, Belinda

Inspired by Wycliffe’s vision of having Bible translation started for every language that needs it by the year 2025, Belinda wants to be part of this endeavour for God. She has begun writing an exegetical summary on the Book of Acts and currently serves on the Chinese Diaspora Engagement team, advocating for Bible translation needs…