This Thanksgiving, support the global Church through Bible translation.

Every culture and language has a unique ability to convey truth about God and the Gospel. As the Bible is translated into new languages, fresh perspectives of God’s Word emerge for the entire body of Christ!

This Thanksgiving, will you invite someone to feast on God’s Word? Your gift toward Bible translation will not only help Scripture come alive for a minority language speaker–but will also be a gift from the minority language group to the global Church. 

Let’s add more seats to the table this Thanksgiving. Join us in inviting more people into God’s Kingdom to feast on His Word!

Your support of Bible translation this Thanksgiving will:

  • Feed the soul of Bibleless people and communities worldwide, who hunger for God’s Word in the language of their heart. 
  • Support workers as they advance Bible translation, Scripture-based literacy and Scripture engagement activities, reaching out to communities with the hope found in the Bible.
  • Build God’s Kingdom as you equip every part of the body of Christ to contribute to the whole Church.

Let’s share out of the abundance God has given us—so all people can sit together at a more bountiful banquet and enjoy God’s Word together.

“The Rangi people are so blessed to have God’s Word in their language, to experience His love and the promise of being one thing with Him.” 

- Paul, a Rangi Bible translator in Tanzania, after completing the New Testament.