Sights & Sounds


How Does Translation Work? Discover what’s involved in translating Scripture.
Courtesy of The Seed Co. & Wycliffe South Africa

Every Tribe Will Hear – Many years ago, Wycliffe’s founder Cameron Townsend delivered an inspiring speech at the memorial service of a fallen missionary.

On God’s Word and Bible poverty– Author and blogger Ann Voskamp shares about the life-giving Word of God and the need to end Bible poverty.

The Bible Banquet– At this banquet table, some guests have plenty and some have nothing. Courtesy of Wycliffe U.K. 

The Great Message – In this 1981 sermon, the late Dr. Billy Graham talks about Cameron Townsend and urges viewers to join the work of Bible translation.


Does every one of the world’s 7,000-plus languages really need its own Bible translation? Past Wycliffe Canada president Jack Popjes answers that and more in the series, “The Why & How of Bible Translation.” (Full series available at