Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Derryl and Karen Friesen

Missional purpose. What is it anyway? Should living in Thailand be any...
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Justin & Tammy Hettinga

February 19-26 I accompanied Justin on another work-related trip to Da...
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Trajectory of Hope for First Nations


How did we come to this? I asked myself that question when the Attawapiskat First Nations community in Ontario declared a state of emergency this past April because of youth suicides. Sadly, such tragedies are becoming commonplace across this nation. The good news is that the Canadian Church and our government are awakening to the underlying issues affecting Aboriginal peoples. After meeting with ...

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Languages with Scripture a "Pleasant Surprise"


As of November 2016, the Wycliffe Global Alliance (WGA) reported that 3,223 (45 per cent) of the 7,097 languages spoken on the globe have some Scripture portions. The international umbrella organization (to which Wycliffe Canada belongs) expected to see this number surpass the 3,000 mark in 2016, but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was much higher. “By combining key lists, we identified so...

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Let's Be Clear About This


“I saw the man in the park with the binoculars." There's something wrong with that sentence. Can you spot it? Accuracy, clarity, naturalness and acceptability are the essential qualities of a good Bible translation. You probably noticed that the opening sentence above is unclear. It is well-formed grammatically, but we don't know if the author or the man in the park had the binoculars.  Because ...

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A Boy and His Treasure


In the Andes mountains of Peru, in a town called Abancay, a 12-year-old boy received one of the greatest treasures ever — Scripture in his mother tongue. It happened at the dedication of the Eastern Apurímac Quechua New Testament in his community.  Johnnie Moore, vice-president for communications at Liberty University, was sitting in the back of the room during the long, exuberant celebration when...

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Cree Initiative
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Veteran Wycliffe leader George Cowan dies

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