Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Jeff and Brandie Green

This post is part of a series on Jeff’s work as a translation consulta...
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Justin & Tammy Hettinga

This week Justin is meeting in Dallas with his team, all those who rep...
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Waging Love on Islam


As Syrian refugees arrive in our country, Canadian reaction is mixed. We all feel the tension between safety, a sense that we have to do something, and a desire to deepen our long-standing reputation as a nation that welcomes immigrants. Many of these reactions are driven by politics, self interest and fear. But how should the Church react? Let me start by addressing what this has to do with Bible...

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Hope and Healing - a Refugee Story


My name is Rajiya. It means ’hope’. I live in the Middle East, and I am a Christian, a Chaldean Christian. My people have been living in this region for many, many generations, and we are known to some as Assyrian Christians. Our Church holds to a long, venerable tradition. In the course of the last two years I lost hope. The militant Islamic group known as Da’esh or ISIS has been wreaking havoc a...

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Scripture Stories for Chukchi Reindeer Herders


I’d like to introduce you to my friend Zhanna. Zhanna is a Chukchi woman from the village of Kolymskoye, located on the northern bank of the river Kolyma in northeast Siberia. For about two years she has been crafting Bible stories in her own language, assisted by my colleague Michal, and me. Now with 25 stories drafted, it was time to get some feedback on them from the wider Chukchi community, so...

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Prayer Video: Thailand


Your prayers can make a difference to the people of Thailand. In this video from the Wycliffe Global Alliance, join Tharawat Suebthayat, Wycliffe Thailand Director, as he prays for the Thai people.   Related links: Wycliffe Thai Foundation Payap MA program...

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