Wycliffe serves minority language groups worldwide by fostering an understanding of God's Word through Bible translation, while nurturing literacy, education and stronger communities.

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Jason Keller

At the time of my last newsletter, I had just received my invitation t...
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Katie Peacock

Rich like fruitcake- that's Deuteronomy. How does one decide which plu...
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Wartime leadership


A different kind of leadership is going to be needed in North America in the next decade. It's different for us—the Church in Canada and the U.S.—but not necessarily different for those from other contexts around the world. As I said in my last post, the Church in Canada is moving into a different phase, with less overt impact on the government and society. If it recognizes and embraces this minor...

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Photo Feature


A group of Bible translation students from the Kwaya language in Tanzania smile as they look over the first translation work they produced in a translation workshop.  During the workshop, participants learn how to use language software developed to facilitate the process while learning translation skills. Read more about this work here. Photo by Alan Hood/Wycliffe Canada ◄ Previous...

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A Story of Divine Protection


Editor's note: The following blog post by Christine Léonard was first published March 27 on our website, in Our Community. Interceding for my husband's life Now that we’re based in Calgary, Yves makes about three trips to Cameroon a year. I’ve seen him off to the airport about four times now and I can say I’m generally okay with him going away like this. Although I’ll get the occasional thought li...

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A Rare Meeting With a Language Surveyor


It may be rare that you'll  ever meet an astronaut, but your chances of meeting a language surveyor are also slim. That's right, there are about the same number of current surveyors as current astronauts. Language survey isn't really all that different from rocketing into space after all.  We train and plan for trips into unfamiliar territory, then launch off as part of a small team carrying a few...

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Scripture & Language Statistics Presentation


For those of you who enjoy statistics and web animation, we've put the two together to give you a dynamic presentation of global language and Bible translation statistics. ...

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