Wycliffe serves minority language groups worldwide by fostering an understanding of God's Word through Bible translation, while nurturing literacy, education and stronger communities.

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Daniel & Helen Yoon

Korean Diaspora Church Connections Weekly Prayer Bulletin 위클리프 주간기도제목 ...
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Laird Salkeld

while the discovery isn't quite open (January 2016) it is 90% there so...
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Fervent, sustained prayer is a journey


Nearly 40 Wycliffe personnel from 17-plus countries gathered near Calgary the last week of September to learn from each other about prayer movements and to reflect together on Prayer and the Mission of God. This group of leaders and prayer coordinators spent time looking at examples of prayer from Christ and the early church as well as the role of prayer in mission movements in Korea, Latin Americ...

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Scripture Stories for Chukchi Reindeer Herders


I’d like to introduce you to my friend Zhanna. Zhanna is a Chukchi woman from the village of Kolymskoye, located on the northern bank of the river Kolyma in northeast Siberia. For about two years she has been crafting Bible stories in her own language, assisted by my colleague Michal, and me. Now with 25 stories drafted, it was time to get some feedback on them from the wider Chukchi community, so...

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Prayer Video: Thailand


Your prayers can make a difference to the people of Thailand. In this video from the Wycliffe Global Alliance, join Tharawat Suebthayat, Wycliffe Thailand Director, as he prays for the Thai people.   Related links: Wycliffe Thai Foundation Payap MA program...

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Continuing on After Tragedy


The Wapishana New Testament project continues in Guyana, despite the tragic deaths of Wycliffe translators Richard and Charlene Hicks in 2005 (see story in Word Alive, Spring 2014). Faith Comes by Hearing, a partner organization of Wycliffe, has recorded the Wapishana New Testament in the South American country. Before the recorded New Testament is distributed to Wapishana villages (such as the on...

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Kifuliiru Scriptures Embraced


As the team approaches the end of translating the Old Testament into Kifuliiru, it is encouraged by the impact Scriptures are already making among the 400,000 speakers. The New Testament has been feeding the people since it was released in 2000 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa. “Many are already saved through the Word of God transmitted in the language of the heart,” reports the tea...

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Ndop Cluster
Location: Cameroon, Africa

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