Wycliffe serves minority language groups worldwide by fostering an understanding of God's Word through Bible translation, while nurturing literacy, education and stronger communities.

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Rachel Elyas

I don't think I've ever met someone who isn't at least a little bit me...
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Doug Lockhart

Here at Wycliffe, we know that some folks just don't “get” what we’re ...
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Partnering with the Church


Wycliffe has committed itself to seeing the Church in Canada succeed in its mission. Full stop. We believe God's mission was given to the Church, and we are committed to her success as she engages in the mission of God. At the same time, we remember that Wycliffe was started to focus on the marginalized, the overlooked: the minority language communities. We serve minority language groups worldwide...

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Photo Feature


Breaking down with memories from the past, José Alberto, a pastor of a small Mam church in rural Guatemala, lowers his head as he and his wife Fabiana recall how his church expelled him. It happened when he preached directly from Mam Scripture that he could finally read for himself after completing a Mam literacy program. Find out why his congregation was upset, and how literacy together with Bib...

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Korean Ministries Weekly Prayer Bulletin 위클리프주간기도제목


Korean Ministries 한인사무국 Daniel Yoon’s Partners Development Many thanks for the vision-sharing opportunities with supporting churches and individuals in Korea for the last two weeks! Please pray that God will raise more partners through these opportunities and also for the meeting with a Christian Mission agency of his former overseas colleagues, which he will have before his departure for Canada o...

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Scripture & Language Statistics Presentation


For those of you who enjoy statistics and web animation, we've put the two together to give you a dynamic presentation of global language and Bible translation statistics. ...

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Join the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project (BPPP)


The Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project (BPPP) was formed in 1982 by Wycliffe US with the goal of encouraging men, women and children to pray on a regular basis for a people group without God's Word in their language. Since that time, thousands of individuals have devoted countless hours to praying that a translation of Scripture would begin for "their" people group.  God has faithfully answered thei...

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