Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.

About Us

Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL)

Langley, British Columbia - www.canil.ca

CanIL has been a training partner with Wycliffe Canada since 1985 and is located on the campus of Trinity Western University (TWU). CanIL offers summer training as well as undergraduate and graduate degree programs through TWU and ACTS Seminaries. Refer to the following links for more information.

Most CanIL faculty and staff have Wycliffe field experience. Courses are designed to teach skills necessary for cross-cultural work including language learning, describing unwritten languages, literacy in the mother-tongue, and Bible translation. Students learn principles of communication, how to observe and learn from culture, how to analyze sound systems, grammars and systems of meaning, how to facilitate the development of a writing system for unwritten languages and how to translate naturally and meaningfully between languages.

Wycliffe increasingly partners with nationals in other countries to facilitate language development. CanIL is committed to training students to be trainers and facilitators in areas of linguistics, literacy, Scripture Use and Bible translation. Teaching assistant positions are available for qualified students in the graduate degree programs. Financial aid is also available.