Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.

In Canada and around the world, hundreds of Wycliffe Canada staff are furthering Bible translation in a variety of ways. While many are directly involved in language projects, as linguists, translation consultants or literacy workers, many other Wycliffe staff serve in vital support roles like finance, communications, personnel, IT and so on.

Below: Explore the many ways our staff are involved in bringing the life-changing Word of God to language groups worldwide.

What We Do


Some Wycliffe Canada staff members serve as professors or provide support services in academic institutions that provide training in linguistics and other subjects related to Bible translation. Here in Canada, some are assigned to Wycliffe’s training partner, the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) in Langley, B.C., while others serve at Tyndale University College in Toronto.


As a non-profit, registered Christian charity in Canada, Wycliffe Canada receives donations annually from thousands of people across the country. Good stewardship of these gifts means receiving, recording and disbursing funds accurately, and providing financial services such as banking, insurance and matters relating to taxes and retirement planning.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for a variety of vital administrative and clerical duties that help to further Bible translation. They serve as information and communication managers; they plan and schedule meetings and appointments; organize and maintain paper and electronic files; manage projects, etc. They also may handle travel and guest arrangements.


Administration roles vary considerably in Wycliffe, but may involve carrying out management functions such as planning, organizing and co-ordinating staff within the context of a cross-cultural team; supervising and overseeing the training of expatriate and national staff, and managing the day-to-day operations of a regional office.


Wycliffe staff involved in fundraising are motivated by the needs of more than 2,000 language groups around the world that still need Scripture in their mother tongues. Fundraisers interact with individuals, businesses and foundations to help fund vital support services here at home, as well as Bible translation, literacy and other language-related projects around the world.


Wycliffe anthropologists help translators gain insight and understanding of other cultures. This is important so that translators can complete Bible translation in a culturally- relevant form. They also assist indigenous people by fostering a bridge of understanding between the translator and the people. They combine cross-cultural communication skills with their anthropological knowledge to develop relationships with the people they are working with. These relationships are an important part of showing the love of God.

Board member

To provide overall direction and accountability, Wycliffe Canada elects a board of directors that includes members of the church in Canada from a variety of walks of life. They include pastors, educators, business people, and others with a passion for the work of Bible translation. Those selected to serve on the board must demonstrate Christian character, enthusiastically support the work of Bible translation, and be committed to full participation in board work. Meet our board at Our Leaders.

Cafe Wycliffe

With a focus on mobilizing the next generation, Café Wycliffe aims to encourage and equip young people in joining the call of global Bible translation. Often featuring music, ethnic dishes, guest speakers and prayer, Café Wycliffe events in Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto strive to connect passionate young believers with career missionaries. Learn more at Café Wycliffe.


Wycliffe Canada's training partner, the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) trains linguists, translators and trainers so that all people may have access to the Bible in their own language. Courses are held at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. Integrating scholarship with service to language communities worldwide, CanIL provides a streamlined sequence of courses to prepare students for language and culture learning, literacy-based development, and Bible translation. Visit canil.ca for more information.


Wycliffe Canada is grateful for the growing number of Chinese staff serving in Canada and overseas. In Canada, Chinese Ministries helps raise awareness about remaining needs in Bible translation in Chinese churches across the country. Here at home and around the world, Chinese Wycliffe members contribute to Bible translation as linguists, literacy workers, administrators, accountants and more. Learn more at chinese.wycliffe.ca.

Church Connections

Wycliffe partners with the church in Canada and around the world to carry out Bible translation and related ministries like literacy and Scripture use. Wycliffe personnel involved in church relations seek to build strong ties with local pastors, youth leaders, missions committees and children�s workers, by sharing resources and information.


Computers are an essential part of Bible translation work. Trained computer specialists fill a variety of roles in Wycliffe, including computer maintenance, desktop publishing, graphic design, programming, designing and managing websites, troubleshooting technical problems, research and development, and training.


Consultants in Wycliffe bring a high degree of training and field experience to the work of linguistics, Bible translation, literacy, education, management and other ministries that contribute to the language work. Overseas, they work closely with local believers involved in language-related ministries, to assist, mentor and encourage them.


A co-ordinator is essentially someone who leads others in a common action. In Wycliffe, co-ordinators may be responsible to lead teams that oversee work done by volunteers, organize corporate and public events, or conduct prayer meetings, to name but a few.

Data management

Many Wycliffe staffers provide key support services that include data entry, managing mailing lists and processing information submitted by donors, inquirers, applicants, subscribers and others who interact with Wycliffe in various ways.


The responsibilities of a director in Wycliffe vary widely, from leading Bible translation projects for an entire country to directing smaller, specialized support ministries here at home or overseas. These may include departments such as finance, communications or personnel, for example.


Editors in Wycliffe oversee the production of print publications and websites. Additionally, they may be responsible to plan and direct editorial activities and workers engaged in selecting and preparing material for these media, as well as brochures, advertising copy, press releases, annual reports, and other publicity-related materials.

Educational Resources

Staff in Educational Resources work with children's pastors, parents, Sunday school teachers and others. Their goal is to help kids learn about the importance of missions, the Bible, prayer and Bible translation. Resources are also available online to help kids get involved now, through fundraising projects and other activities that further Bible translation and literacy. Browse our Educational Resources.


Ethno-arts consultants work alongside local musicians, actors, dancers and storytellers to research indigenous arts and explore ways to utilize them to help communities accomplish their goals. This often inspires the creation of new songs, dramas, dances, stories and art that communicate God's message in powerful ways and helps others involved in language development programs to reach their goals in Bible translation, literacy, Scripture use, anthropology, and other domains.

Field Member Adviser

Field Member Advisors are elected from Wycliffe Canada's members. Bringing a wealth of experience as linguists, translation consultants, literacy workers and more, they participate fully in meetings held by Wycliffe Canada's board of directors but do not have a vote. Visit the Our Leaders page to meet our board and advisors.


Wycliffe’s francophone members are few in number, but they are making significant contributions to the work of Bible translation in Canada and overseas. Here at home, they may help raise awareness about Bible translation in francophone communities; overseas, they are furthering Bible translation and literacy in Francophone Africa and elsewhere.

Graphic design

Excellence in communication includes excellence in presentation. Graphic designers in Wycliffe strive to create high-quality, appealing publicity materials that enhance the messages being shared with audiences in Canada and around the world. In Canada, that include our award-winning Word Alive magazine, Prayer Alive, pull-up displays, banners, brochures, web pages, business cards and more. It’s all part of informing you about the work of Bible translation and making it easy for you to participate.


Student interns who serve with Wycliffe gain credit for course work required by Canadian colleges and universities. These short-term assignments may range from working in a local Wycliffe office, to travelling overseas to see firsthand how Bible translation is carried out in urban or rural settings.


Wycliffe Canada is grateful for the growing number of Korean staff serving in Canada and overseas. Here at home, Korean Ministries helps raise awareness about remaining needs in Bible translation in Korean churches across the country. In Canada and around the world, Koreans are furthering Bible translation as linguists, literacy workers, administrators, accountants and more. Learn more at korean.wycliffe.ca.


In some countries, Wycliffe staff serve in libraries or archives related to the work of Bible translation. These may include reference materials, translated Scripture portions, New Testaments, or entire Bibles; academic publications; audio and video recordings, and photographs documenting various language groups in the country.



Email hasn’t eliminated the office mailroom. Duties may include sorting and distributing daily mail, operating postage machines, ordering and stocking office supplies, and dealing with suppliers. Mailroom supervisors/clerks may also assist other office staff with clerical needs, such as providing switchboard relief, organizing mass mailings or transcribing audio and video recordings for use in publicity materials.


Managers in Wycliffe may oversee a short- or long-term project, the work of a small team, or larger teams responsible for a variety of tasks that further the work of Bible translation. Tasks could include managing a print shop, a team responsible for finance, communications, personnel, etc., or other administrative functions.

MK Care

MK Care is a branch of member care that focuses on the children of missionaries (MKs~missionary kids). MKs and other kids who grow up overseas, aka TCKs-third culture kids, encounter challenges unique to that experience. An MK caregiver provides support to parents and their children to help them navigate the MK life as best as possible.


Recruiters seek to build relationships with young people and others who want to use their skills in God's service, to help them find their place in ministry. In Canada, events like Race to 2025 and Caf� Wycliffe introduce young people to various Wycliffe staff and others involved in missions. Recruiters also participate in church, campus and missions events to share vision and encourage involvement in the Bible translation movement.


In some field contexts, Wycliffe staff may provide medical assistance at a community clinic or translation centre. Such staff may also be involved in language projects or other ministries, with nursing as their secondary responsibility. Additionally, their responsibilities may include training local colleagues to perform nursing duties


OneBook partners with national organizations in 13 of the world’s poorest countries, translating Scripture in more than 100 languages. Instead of using westerners for this task, OneBook links Canadian donors with local organizations overseas that develop written alphabets and dictionaries, do Bible translation and teach literacy within their own country for their own language groups. Learn more at onebook.ca.


Organizational structures within Wycliffe vary, but staff involved in operations may be responsible for office reception, secretarial duties, mailroom, security and building operations like plumbing, heating, electrical and general maintenance. Depending on where they serve, operations staff may also oversee guest services, as well as purchase and maintain vehicles for business-related travel.


Wycliffe photographers help document and promote the ongoing ministries of Bible translation, through the images they gather for use in magazines, brochures, websites and other publicity materials. Staff working in photo services also sort, catalogue and store digital images and photographs. Besides being used for Wycliffe Canada publicity purposes, many of our images are used by Wycliffe organizations overseas and by Christian publications.


Intercessors in Wycliffe Canada pray for the needs of staff and volunteers, as requested, as well as issues that affect the organization as a whole. Prayer facilitators help to lead corporate prayer events in a Wycliffe office or at a spiritual retreat, and are responsible to gather and distribute prayer requests from staff working in Canada and overseas.

Prayer Alive

Our free quarterly prayer newsletter, Prayer Alive, includes information on Canadian Wycliffe members working in various areas of service—both overseas and in Canada. Also included are prayer requests and prayer updates, along with a list of urgent needs for workers within Canada. See the latest issue at prayeralive.wycliffe.ca.


Staff involved in printing produce a variety of printed materials for use by their Wycliffe colleagues, such as business cards, prayer cards, personal profiles, newsletters and more. Print shops in Wycliffe may also produce such publicity materials as information sheets, brochures, posters, annual reports and even magazines.


Professors are helping to equip a new generation of skilled linguists, translators, literacy workers and others through courses offered by our training partners. Students benefit from the field experience that many of these Wycliffe Canada members bring to the classroom. In Canada, professors serve on the faculty of our main training partner, the Canada Institute of Linguistics as well as Tyndale University College.


Wycliffe Canada oversees a number of Canadian and global projects, ranging from leadership development within Wycliffe to Bible translation and other language-related projects overseas. Staff responsible for projects monitor their progress and visit the field projects periodically, to ensure that local staff have the resources they need and that project goals are being met in a timely manner.

Race to 2025

Since 2007, we've held adventure fundraising races for young adults in Alberta's Rocky Mountains. Staff members work year-round on the logistics involved for four races, as well as advertising and promotion, booking guest speakers and volunteers, registration and more. Learn more at raceto2025.wycliffe.ca.


Receptionists in Wycliffe are usually the first point of contact for people visiting, calling, or emailing a Wycliffe office or centre. Besides managing a switchboard and interacting with callers in a courteous, professional manner, they may also be called upon to respond to emails and faxes, greet and assist visitors and perform other clerical duties.

Scripture promotion


Secretaries are another link in the Bible translation task. They handle the paperwork required to keep busy language teams doing the work they are trained for and to send others out. Secretaries serve administrators in home offices and those overseas, by managing incoming mail, phone calls and appointments, organizing and maintaining files, typing accurate reports, arranging travel schedules, and much more.

Senior administration

Wycliffe Canada's president is assisted by an able team who oversee a variety of administrative domains within the organization. These include mobilization, operations, public engagement, information technology, finance, communications and personnel.

Sign Language

Some language experts estimate there may be as many as 400 different sign languages used around the world. And because the Deaf are unable to hear the sounds associated with words on a page, they're unable to read Scripture in written form. To meet this need, Wycliffe partners with Deaf Opportunity Outreach International (DOOR) and teams of deaf translators from various nations to bring the Scriptures in video format to different groups of deaf people.

Social media

Staff engaged in social media or social networking on behalf of Wycliffe may be part of a broader communications team that seeks to engage youth and young adults especially in the Bible translation movement. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube enable Wycliffe to announce upcoming events and short term mission trips, promote updated web content, showcase new videos and much more. They also promote dialogue and feedback with individuals who may be seeking more information about us.

Software Development

Software developers have the ability to design, architect, implement and support software systems that can support and augment the tasks done by our language workers and others worldwide. Developers often must work on widely-distributed teams and in widely-ranging areas of technology.

Staff care

Caring for the people God gives us includes orientation for new staff, planning spiritual retreats and organizing social events. It may also involve the services of counsellors and chaplains, as well as guidance for life issues like planning for retirement, career counselling, and choosing new assignments. Other related services might include providing hospitality or managing a staff "boutique" with used clothes and household items for the benefit of home office staff and those returning from overseas assignments.


A number of new or prospective Wycliffe members are equipped for language-related ministries through courses offered by Canada Institute of Linguistics or Tyndale University College. Additionally, some staff—like those who serve in the rapidly-changing IT environment —may need to study part time or full time for a short period to improve their technical skills for the benefit of the organization.


Teachers play a key role in providing education for Wycliffe staff serving overseas and are an integral part of the Bible translation movement. Schools vary from one-room, mixed-age classes to inter-mission schools and international schools. Itinerant teachers work with small groups of children in more remote settings for short periods of time, helping parents who home school.


Tyndale University College

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics focuses on the study of language structures. The program, developed and taught in co-operation with Wycliffe, seeks to train students to understand how language functions between the actual sounds of language and the meanings which we associate with those sounds. The BA in Linguistics creates a solid foundation for a variety of future careers: teaching, speech pathology, psychology, research, Bible translation and literacy.


The Wycliffe Canada video production crew travels around the world to gather compelling stories of Wycliffe missionaries and local colleagues involved in Bible translation, literacy and other language-related ministries. Videos help viewers get up close and personal with real people serving the Lord around the world. Interns and volunteers are also involved in our productions. Browse our selection at videos.wycliffe.ca.


Some Wycliffe personnel help promote the work of Bible translation by designing or developing websites, managing web content, writing for social media like Facebook, and many other roles. The Internet is a key tool for sharing the vision of Bible translation and helping Canadians to get involved through giving, praying and going.

Word Alive

Word Alive, which takes its name from Hebrews 4:12a, is the official publication of Wycliffe Canada. Its mission is to inform, inspire and involve the Christian public as partners in the worldwide Bible translation movement. See the latest issue at wordalive.wycliffe.ca.


Writers in Wycliffe help to inform, inspire and involve the Christian public as partners in the worldwide Bible translation movement. Besides writing for print or online publications, Wycliffe writers may edit and proofread publicity materials that include press releases, brochures, posters, non-print media scripts and advertising copy.