Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Daniel Epp

I always thought action movie shots with big explosions were super coo...
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Derryl and Karen Friesen

Missional purpose. What is it anyway? Should living in Thailand be any...
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Prayer Requests

Cafe Logos Blog


Baking and Bible Stories


What does baking cookies have to do with Bible stories? For my past two years, baking and telling Bible stories went hand in hand. I live in Vietnam, and almost nobody has ovens here. Large toaster ov...

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Struggling to tell a story well


In July 2015, Chenda and I were at my office trying to record the Creation story. Chenda was a local and he was a non-Christian. He had just finished retelling the story of Creation and all I could he...

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The Visual World of Sign Language


Almost four years ago I stepped into the ViBi (Japan Deaf Evangel Mission) office in Tokyo as a Wycliffe summer intern. My colleagues there were the first Deaf people I’d ever met, and it was the star...

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Language Technology Under the Radar


If you were to do a quick tour of the Wycliffe Office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada you might sweep past the Language Technology Development (LTDev) group. Nestled in the north central part of the lower...

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Coding the Future — Bibles


The question I liked the least coming into my last year of university was, “What do you want to do with your programming degree?” Depending on how well I knew the person, I would generally respond wit...

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A Week in the Life of Translation Consultants


It is Sunday evening and it has been good to have been able to relax.   The first week has been super intensive as John & I were given the task of getting Luke ready for publication by the end of the ...

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