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Derryl and Karen Friesen

The Miracles Just Don’t Stop! A full decade ago we held our first ever...
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Justin & Tammy Hettinga

Dear friends, It’s a busy travel season for Justin. In January he was ...
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Prayer Requests

Cafe Logos Blog


Orientation to a New Culture


I have arrived safely in Cameroon on Wednesday evening, May 17, 2017. As we were flying over the northernmost African countries – I believe they were Tunisia and Libya – we were flying quite low and I...

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A Journey of Discovery


I arrived in Peru on November 20, 2016 to start my eight-month cross-cultural internship through Wycliffe Canada and *SIL Peru. The first thing on the agenda was to take Spanish lessons. After the fir...

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'A Voice for the Voiceless'


A few years ago I took a university class with a student who regularly wore an old t-shirt that read “ignite your humanity” atop a picture of a globe on fire. I remember considering that motto during ...

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Fanning a Glowing Ember


It was a warm June night in Dallas, Texas, in 1983. Several dozen people, laughing and chatting, had gathered in a backyard for a pot luck dinner for missionaries who serve with Wycliffe Bible Transla...

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Realizing the Impossible


Ever since I could hold a pencil, drawing became deeply ingrained into my life. As I pursued the arts more seriously after secondary school, I found that drawing brought me closer to God and that He b...

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Baking and Bible Stories


What does baking cookies have to do with Bible stories? For my past two years, baking and telling Bible stories went hand in hand. I live in Vietnam, and almost nobody has ovens here. Large toaster ov...

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