Linking the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.

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Kathy and Kerry Varcoe

On February 11th 2017, Final Approval was awarded the Tela Oral Bible ...
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Henk & Margreet Denoudsten

Feb 20: we have finished our Solomon Islands tour of duty and loved to...
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Languages with Scripture a "Pleasant Surprise"


As of November 2016, the Wycliffe Global Alliance (WGA) reported that 3,223 (45 per cent) of the 7,097 languages spoken on the globe have some Scripture portions. The international umbrella organizati...

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Let's Be Clear About This


“I saw the man in the park with the binoculars." There's something wrong with that sentence. Can you spot it? Accuracy, clarity, naturalness and acceptability are the essential qualities of a good Bib...

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Up in the Air


As pilot Mark Spangler flies his helicopter across a dark sky, the faint whirl of chopper blades alerts people on the ground of its arrival. When it inches into view, adults and children rush toward t...

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A Boy and His Treasure


In the Andes mountains of Peru, in a town called Abancay, a 12-year-old boy received one of the greatest treasures ever — Scripture in his mother tongue. It happened at the dedication of the Eastern A...

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Hope and Healing - a Refugee Story


My name is Rajiya. It means ’hope’. I live in the Middle East, and I am a Christian, a Chaldean Christian. My people have been living in this region for many, many generations, and we are known to som...

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Photo Feature


With a load of vegetables on her back, an elderly woman spins wool while she walks down the streets of a small town in rural Peru.  This Eastern Apurímac Quechua woman, and others in her village and s...

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