Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we race?

The race takes place near Nordegg, Alberta, about one hour west of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The course is designed by Frontier Lodge. When we arrive at Frontier Lodge, we are under their direction and supervision - they are great hosts and care for us wonderfully! The events in other countries are in various places - check out Upcoming Races.

How much do I need to fundraise for the project?

In February, each team is asked to commit to raise a minimum of $2,000 ($500/racer).

Generous prizes are awarded for highest individual and team fundraisers.

What kinds of prizes are available?

Most prizes are geared to help remove obstacles and impart vision to a new generation to engage in the global Bible translation movement. Bursaries awarded can be used to help with school fees, go on Wycliffe volunteer work trips or internships or get linguistics training.

How will the money raised be used?

All overseas Race to 2025 projects are chosen from a list of approved Wycliffe Canada projects and assist the national global Bible translation movement. Typically funds raised are used in crucial projects focusing on Bible translation, mother-tongue literacy for women and children, training of national Bible translators and Scripture engagement projects like trauma healing seminars for war-torn nations, ethnomusicology and worship workshops and developing audiovisual helps like translating The JESUS Film and producing audio versions of Scripture.

Spending of funds is confined to board-approved programs and projects. Each gift designated towards an approved program or project will be used as designated, with the understanding that when any given need has been met, funds will be used where most needed. Wycliffe Canada fulfills Canada's Privacy Act requirements in protecting your personal information.

How long are the races?

Registration is on Friday evening between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. followed by basic orientation and a cool session learning more about missions, linguistics and Wycliffe. Mandatory safety instruction is included. The actual races are held on Saturday and Sunday.. Historically, the last teams finish between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, after which we do our closing ceremonies and final awards. There is an option to stay Sunday night at Frontier Lodge, so you can travel home on Monday.

What does the registration fee cover?

Your registration fee covers lodging for Friday and Saturday nights, meals for Saturday and Sunday, Frontier Lodge staff services, and the use of Frontier Lodge equipment and facilities for the weekend (excluding rentals). There is an additional charge to stay Sunday night.

What kind of activities will the race involve?

Winter: Standard activities are mountain trekking, ice climbing, rappelling, orienteering and linguistics challenges.

Courses are different each time so you may or may not experience these activities on a weekend.

Do all members of the teams need to do all the events?

During the event, all team members do all events together and must always be within visual distance of their team members.

What kind of technical training do I need?

Novices are welcome, but come prepared for a physically demanding race course. No previous technical training is necessary. Frontier Lodge provides basic orientation and necessary training for participation in all events. However, the better trained and prepared you are, the greater chance you have for fun!

You need at least one member of your team who can read a compass.

What kind of physical training do I need?

Come prepared for anything! Again, the better physical shape you are in, the more fun you will have, and the less pain you’ll be in. (Just ask survivors of past Race to 2025 events!) Jogging, weight training, chin-ups and push-ups are great for you anytime. You will be thankful for every effort you make to prepare.

What about the potential of bad weather?

Certain events could be cancelled (or your course altered) if Frontier Lodge assess that your safety is in danger. However, God is known for providing, “character building” days. It's all part of the Frontier Lodge experience!  Be sure you bring EVERYTHING on your required equipment list. God has blessed our past races with great weather!

What kind of equipment will I need?

A current recommended equipment list will be posted on our website.  Winter races require crampons and snowshoes. Trekking poles are a great asset. Additional equipment items needed are: a first aid kit, sleeping bag or bedding, flashlight or headlamp, water bottle or thermos (enough for 2L), backpack (minimum 25L) and compass. (See registration forms for full equipment lists.) Common sense also applies (for example, if you think you might encounter water, you may need more than one pair of shoes and lots of socks (even in winter)!

Where can we get the necessary equipment?

You can purchase or rent from the following businesses. Limited supplies of climbing harnesses, climbing helmets can be rented from Frontier Lodge on a first‑come‑first‑serve basis. COE is down the road from Frontier Lodge (both of which take cash only).

Who can race?

Our goal is 18 teams in February. We have had racers from Germany, Peru, United States of America and New Zealand and Thailand. Teams from all nations are welcome!  Teams of four must register and pay in full by the deadline. Minimum age of racers is 16, but only one minor is allowed per team, and only with parental consent.

How do I sign up my team?

Complete the online registration form Join the Race, invite potential teammates from that form, and pay your registration fee online. Forms are also available to print  RegistrationForm.pdf. Or, come by Wycliffe Bible Translators address is 4316 10 St. NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 6K3 (attention Race to 2025). Or phone 403.250.5411 and ask for Sam.

Are there time limits for each of the various activities?

Yes, Frontier Lodge staff reserve the right to ask a team to shortcut if the team does not arrive at a check point within the allotted time or due to other factors. Any team asked to shortcut will not be eligible for fasted team prize! Challenges also have a time limit.

What if the weather is bad?

The race will continue whether there is rain, snow, sleet or sun. Barring raging forest fires, flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or any other catastrophic events, the race will go on.

What if someone drops out prior to the race?

The registration fee is non-refundable for the racer. An alternate must be found to take the place of the dropped-out racer. Keep praying and sharing with those you know. 

What if someone drops out during the race?

The team will be allowed to keep racing, however, time penalties will be added to overall race time. In certain events where you MUST have four (or two groups of two) to physically complete that event, the team would be asked to skip that challenge and be penalized. Alternative racers have been available to step into a situation like this, but there are no guarantees.

What about first aid and safety?

Each team must carry a first aid kit and at least one member needs to have basic first aid knowledge. Frontier Lodge has certified first aid staff on site. Qualified and experienced personnel will be at all climbs and rappel sites, and other sites of foreseeable danger.

What if I get lost?

All teams are provided with a two-way radio for emergency contact with Frontier Lodge staff. If a team is unable to reconnect to the racecourse via radio contact, we will come and look for you.

What hazards may I encounter?

Sharp sticks, jagged rocks, possible cold and wet weather, hypothermia, slippery conditions, twisted ankles. (See “what if weather is bad”). Self-awareness, self-control and communication with your team are essential and will counter these risks.

Are we allowed support personnel to help during the race?

No. Other navigational aids are not permitted.

Will there be water stations?

 Please ensure your team carries enough water each racing day.

Do I have to have previous linguistic knowledge?

None whatsoever.

What is required in terms of orienteering?

At least one team member must know how to use a compass.

How do we get to Frontier Lodge?

Frontier Lodge is located 5 km west of Nordegg (approximately 96 km, 1 hr driving time, west of Rocky Mountain House, AB) on Highway #11. A sign (“FISH LAKE”) is visible on the highway. Turn south (left) at the same entrance as “Fish Lake Recreation Area,” but follow the road to the end (approx. 2.5 km). Frontier Lodge is approximately 3 hours from Edmonton or Calgary. Find them on Google Maps or visit their website at www.frontierlodge.ca.

What about Races other than the winter ones at Frontier Lodge?

Contact our office for additional information.