Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.


Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada works in partnership with approximately 12,000 expatriate and national workers, from more than 60 countries, in the ministries of Bible translation. Wycliffe partners with churches and other mission agencies in their countries to present the Bible translation task to the Christian public in order to mobilize personnel, raise funds and promote prayer.

Wycliffe's Race to 2025 seeks to connect young adults with each other, for the sake of engaging with God's heart for all nations. Our mission is to foster a national community where young adults can inspire and encourage each other, and be equipped, empowered and enabled to engage the global Bible translation movement and make the life changing Word of God available to the people of every tribe, nation and language.

Wycliffe Canada's training program at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) trains linguists, translators and trainers so that all people may have access to the Bible in their own language.

Frontier Lodge is a Christian wilderness adventure camp situated on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta west of Nordegg, Alberta. The camp strives to use the beauty and ruggedness of the mountains to encourage both young and old to know Christ or to know Him better. Frontier Lodge offers a place for people to come and be challenged in a safe environment. There is a chance to see God at work in the world around us; a chance to slow down and sort out what is really important.