Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.


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Race To 2025

Wycliffe Bible Translators has a vision: “To see Bible translation in progress, in every language that needs it, by the year 2025.” Since 2007, Race to 2025 has helped 657 young Canadians embrace that vision by helping to raise in excess of $762,800 for Bible translation and related ministries in Africa, Asia and North and South America. These adventure fundraising events, held annually in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, bridge the adrenaline rush of adventure sport young Canadians crave and the extreme adventure to which Jesus calls His Church—to make disciples of all nations.

Currently there is one event in Canada each year in February at Frontier Lodge near Nordegg, Alberta. 

Classic Two-Day Challenge; intermediate fitness levels required
Registration is open. Go to Winter 2019 Race to 2025

Vision 2025 - A Sense of Urgency

In 1999, motivated by the desire to accelerate the pace of Bible translation worldwide, Wycliffe adopted Vision 2025. It’s a bold call to action and commitment; a firm "no" to the status quo; it's thinking "outside the box" and a willingness to take risks. Together with partners worldwide, we envision Bible translation in progress, for every language that needs it, by 2025. 

More than 1,600 languages do not have the New Testament or Old Testament in their language. As many as 180 million speak languages in which no Bible translation work has even begun. These people do not have even one verse of the Bible in their own language. Many of these language communities have oral cultures and many have no writing system for their language.

Working in partnership with language communities and local organizations around the world, Wycliffe is currently involved in active Bible translation programs in more than 2,100 languages. We rejoice in the progress being made, but greater acceleration is needed to provide God's life-changing Word for every language group.

Wycliffe is opening the book of God’s love around the world.

Each racer and each person that the racer introduces to Vision to 2025 can be part of the story.

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Current Race

2019 Winter Race to 2025 at Frontier Lodge Nordegg AB

Advanced Race Starts:
Friday Feb 15, 2019
Classic Race Starts:
Friday Feb 15, 2019
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