Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God's Word among minority language communities worldwide.

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Before you apply

Wycliffe workers represent people from a variety of backgrounds. While Wycliffe realizes that everyone is a work in progress, we do want to be sure that individuals are well-equipped to face the unique challenges of missions work. The self-assessment below lists some of the key factors we believe are important.

Self Assessment

Before you begin the application process, we ask you to consider the following questions in order to evaluate if you are ready:

  • Do you have a clear and growing relationship with the Lord?
  • Do you desire to see others know Christ and grow spiritually?
  • Are you actively involved in a local church?
  • Do you agree with our Statement of Faith?
  • Are you able to work closely with those of different doctrinal, ethnic and cultural backgrounds?
  • Are you able to build and maintain a network of meaningful relationships?
  • If joining as a member, or for a short-term opportunity, are you willing to raise financial and prayer support? 
  • Are you interested in being trained for, or do you have training in Bible translation, literacy or linguistics? OR
  • Do you have existing skills that could further the worldwide efforts of Bible translation in a critical support role?
Personal Profile

Members and volunteers are expected to maintain high standards within their personal life. Continued or recent use of illegal drugs, tobacco, habitual intoxication, use of pornography and sexual impurity are all barriers to membership. We would wish to discuss these and other areas which could cause problems.

Canadians Only

Except for our Studio Wycliffe programs, which are open to U.S. applicants, Wycliffe Canada will only process applications from people who are citizens or legal residents of Canada. If you are not a Canadian resident (or don't have a current open work permit for Canada), you should apply through the Wycliffe partner organization in your own country. In the U.S., visit wycliffe.org. For other countries, see wycliffe.net.