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Internships with Wycliffe

Imagine… earning college credit in Tanzania, or being immersed in a teeming city of South Asia. Wycliffe Canada offers post-secondary students internships with hands-on ministry training. Under an approved supervisor, interns receive on-the-field training, mentoring and practical service opportunities both in Canada and abroad. "Credit" as well as "not-for-credit" internships can be arranged for two to 12 months. Practical internships could include linguistics, language survey, literacy, Scripture use, teaching, finance, IT support, software development, administration, graphic design, church engagement, mobilization and more.

For more information, email intern@wycliffe.ca.

Testimonies from Previous Interns

I arrived in Peru on November 20, 2016 to start an eight-month cross-cultural internship. I was excited because, as part of my Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Columbia Bible College, this internship counted as my third year of study and I knew I would receive a full year of academic credit (24 credit hours)! The first thing on the agenda was to take Spanish lessons. I also assisted in the SIL Peru offices doing archiving where I was responsible for scanning and uploading various publications onto the internet so they can be accessed by people. One of my desires before going to Peru was to be able to see first hand what takes place in actual Bible translation. I was given the opportunity to go to the Andes mountains to observe the Bible being translated into the different Quechua languages. My time in Peru was life changing, and I hope to be a part of a Bible translation project in Peru after I graduate from Columbia Bible College.”

Marcel, intern in Peru

I finished my university degree at Emily Carr University with a major in illustration and wanted to do an internship that was related to my practice. One of the best things about the internship was that I was able to use the talents God has given me. The internship served as a reminder that sharing the Word of God can be done through other ways outside of just the spoken word. God has blessed me with the gift of illustration and creativity and I can use what He has given me. I realized that God can be a part of my work as well as my personal life. I liked the friendly working environment at the Calgary Wycliffe office and how conversations often lead to God.”

Anita, intern in Calgary

I hope that the exposure I have to this translation project will confirm my desire to join the work that Wycliffe does long term. I want to gain insight, experience, and passion towards this work. At the same time, I hope this trip will be a big growing experience for me, as I am pushed out of my comfort zone to serve the people here, and trust God as I never have before. I know God will use this internship to shape me and mold me for the work he wants me to do. My dream is to attend CanIL, Wycliffe’s partner school in Langley, B.C., to take their MLE program – Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis. This should allow me to become a translation consultant for Bible translation, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and naturalness.”

Craig, intern in Cameroon

I went around to five different villages visiting literacy classes and meeting people. In four of the villages I helped them record the Gospel of Luke in their mother tongue. I learned how surprised someone can be that you aren't getting paid. And I learned about trusting God with everything.”

“God taught me a lot. He taught me to let things go and to be ready for anything. He taught me how to share a taxi with eight different people and how to deal with being stared at. But mostly, He taught me to trust Him, because I worried about things and I thought I wasn't doing anything worthwhile, but He showed me that I was there to learn.”

Karima, intern in Cameroon

I really enjoyed seeing the culture and I gained a better understanding of the struggles these communities face,” says Andrew. “I learned that Bible translation is a huge task that can take a very long time to finish. I learned that the work can often be mundane, but I also saw that the completed work meant a great deal to the Naskapi people.”

“It was great to hear… how people are growing in their faith and how lives are being changed. The internship has confirmed for me that I want to continue my involvement with ministry in First Nations communities…and to consider future involvement in Bible translation.”

Andrew, intern in northern Quebec, Canada

The internship experience is a rich experience. The people at Wycliffe really embraced me and encouraged me and stretched me. Do your best even though you won’t be there long, as at the end they might offer you a job. This happened to me, however I already had another job planned. Go the extra mile for them and they will go the extra mile for you. Take advantage of every experience they offer you.”

“God taught me that full-time ministry is an area I want to be involved with. Also, that God has some amazing men and women in His service.”

Cindy, intern in Alberta, Canada