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Justin & Tammy Hettinga's Blog


A Glimpse of Justin's Responsibilities


June has flown by for us! It’s been a spring season full of travels, our boys returning home, hosting visitors, etc. This month we want to give you a glimpse of some of Justin’s responsibilities.

In addition to Justin’s role as Americas Area Director for SIL*, this year he has also been part of a global team that is working on coming up with a system for planning, monitoring and continual learning for SIL. Justin specifically leads a sub team with people from India, Nepal, the UK, and the Netherlands. They’re responsible for developing a set of indicators or measurements. While this might not sound flashy and exciting, it is very important and foundational work that involves collaborating with many people, from the board to partners to staff scattered around the world.

The big questions he wrestles with are things like: How do we demonstrate to our board, and others, the progress we are making towards the goals and ends of our organization? Do we simply count how many Bible translations get done? How do we know if those translations are actually making a difference? How are we contributing to broader, more holistic change as a result of our efforts in Bible translation, literacy, and language development? Since so much of our efforts are building up others to do this work (capacity development among hundreds of partners, in thousands of languages), how do we demonstrate that?

Pray for wisdom for Justin and the team. Pray for humility and sensitivity to be led by the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will be able to keep things clear and understandable. Pray that they won’t fall into the trap of making this set of indicators over complicated. There are many varied perspectives and cultural aspects to all of these questions. Ultimately, they are servants of Christ and of His body and stewards of what He has entrusted them with. This work is part of ensuring they, and SIL as an organization, are faithful stewards of what God has called them to do.

Here’s a recap of this month’s comings and goings:
● June 1-8: Justin was in Germany to work on what is mentioned above. We thank God for the way He led and the encouraging progress made during that time.
● June 18-21: Justin was scheduled to fly to Mexico City to meet with Americas directors from other partner organizations, but due to flight complications, he ended up staying home and joining the meetings virtually.
● June 27-July 5: Justin and I are off to Brazil for a week to attend the SIL Brazil team’s annual conference. Pray that we will build relationships, be good listeners, and be an encouragement to the Brazil team.

After Brazil, Justin doesn’t have another work trip planned until September. We look forward to a change of pace and some R&R this summer.

As always, we are grateful for you, for your love, your prayers, the financial and emotional support you have shown us in so many ways over the long haul, and for the part you play in bringing the Bible to those who don’t yet have it in their language.

Justin & Tammy Hettinga

With a thankful heart on Mother’s Day with our precious sons, Jesse (left) and Caleb (right)

*SIL, Wycliffe's closest partner, serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development by means of research, translation, training and material development.


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