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Justin & Tammy Hettinga's Blog


Celebrate with us what God has done during 20 years of service with Wycliffe Bible Translators






Timeline of milestones during our service with Wycliffe/SIL* over the last 20 years:

  • 1997 - We started the application process, attended a month-long orientation program, and subsequently became members of Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada.
  • 1998 - We began a year-long linguistics training program at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (on the campus of Trinity Western University in Langley, BC).
  • 1999 - With two kids under the age of two, we moved to Costa Rica for eight months of Spanish study.
  • 2000 - We arrived in Peru to begin our assignment as adult literacy specialists with the South Peru Team of SIL*. Our mission: to equip the Quechuas of Southern Peru, until the year 2010, in active and sustainable use of the Quechua Scriptures. Our focus quickly became the equipping of the following local organizations to carry out this work long term.

  • 2003 - AIDIA, an inter-denominational organization, was founded by a group of Eastern Apurimac Quechua pastors who desired to translate the entire Bible into their language, promote Scripture use and literacy, and share the love of Christ through leadership development and social services.
  • 2004 - ATEK, an inter-denominational organization, was founded by a group of Cusco Quechua-speaking pastors who desired to reach the Quechua people of Southern Peru. They recognized a need in rural communities for Biblical training and discipleship. Their vision is to form functional and healthy families, strong churches and Quechua communities that are organized and united.

  • 2007 - Justin completed his Master of Arts in Leadership degree (non-governmental organization specialization) from Trinity Western University (done mostly via distance while in Peru).
  • 2010 - ATEK and AIDIA had grown to no longer need us in Peru. Having completed our ten-year project, we moved to Calgary, Alberta (location of Wycliffe Canada’s headquarters), where we served on the leadership/administrative team for six years.

  • 2013 - AIDIA celebrated the completion of the Eastern Apurimac Quechua New Testament. They are currently translating the Old Testament.
  • 2016 - Justin took on a new role as Americas Area Director for SIL*, which involves giving leadership to all of SIL’s work in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean. Tammy is his administrative assistant, as well as part-time receptionist for Wycliffe Canada.

Although our roles have changed over the years, our vision remains the same: to see that all peoples on earth have access to the Word of God in their mother tongue, enabling them to know God and converse with Him in a language that best speaks to their hearts.

We are deeply grateful for each of you who have partnered with us in our twenty-year journey. You have been an important part of the team. God has shown His faithfulness by enabling us to live out the vision that He placed in us. We thank God for you, and we thank you for your faithful support and encouragement in the work of Bible translation.

*SIL, Wycliffe's closest partner, serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development by means of research, translation, training and material development.


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