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New Experiences in a Familiar Place


It is almost time for school to start again.  I have had a good break and been able to prepare for the upcoming year.  Soon we will start staff orientation.  This is one of my favourite times of year.  I love being back on campus and meeting with all the staff who took time away over the summer.  Even if I saw my colleagues around town or at church there is something special about reuniting and joining together to plan and pray for the students and the new school year. I am honoured this year to be helping to lead some of the sessions.  It feels just like yesterday that I was sitting in my first meeting bewildered by all the new terminology and acronyms.  Now the school is a familiar place and I am beginning to feel I can contribute to helping colleagues as well as students thrive.

I am especially privileged to get to lead the staff during the time set aside for our prayer walk around campus before school starts.  I also get to help in the training of teachers to offer academic support to students who might need it.  Since we are a small school which offers a wide variety of classes, there are times during the day when some students are not assigned to any class.  We call this a prep.  Students who have a prep may sign out to a variety of locations on campus.  One place they can choose to be is in the Student Support Room.  A teacher is assigned there to offer whatever help the students need to be successful in their classes.  I am so excited to contribute to the beginning of a successful school year.

During the break, as I reflected, I realized how much I want to lead well when given an opportunity but also how extremely tiring it is.  I am thankful to not be in charge this year, but I am hopeful that my year working in administration has given me good insight into more effective ways to be a supportive team member.  I am praying that I will be a good encourager and helper this year.  I am also looking forward to getting more training in the area of school leadership.  I am planning to enroll in the Educational Leadership Masters degree program at Trinity Western University when I am back in Canada in 2019.  I do not know what types of leadership roles God may call me to fill in the future, but during this past year I realized further training would be helpful whatever roles I may fill.

Thank you for joining me on the journey!

Rejoice with me for:
• All of God’s amazing provision of rest during the break.
• Amazing staff at both schools.  I am so thankful for the people I work with.
• Feeling prepared and excited for teaching a number of new classes next year.
• The safe arrival already before school starts of the grade one/two and three/four teachers for the elementary school.

Request with me for:
• Wisdom to balance the need for rest, reflection, and careful planning during this school year.
• Strength and energy for each RFIS team member as we all take on extra duties this year.

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Katie Peacock
Wes and Katie Peacock's Photo

Sounds great.  Have a good year.  Back already and July isn't even finished.  That's dedication.


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