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Another milestone


On Sept 1st Pat and I came back out to our Menya village location to prepare for the recording technician's arrival on the 4th to record the last portions of the Menya New Testament. Just before we left, we received word that the major shipment of the printed New Testaments would be arriving on the SIL truck from Lae that afternoon. We would have loved to be there to see it arrive but that was not to be. The following two weeks were busy with recording, culminating with the last verses on the afternoon of the 14th, the day before the technician and Pat returned to Ukarumpa. The technician was Jonathan Vander Wal, who was a student at Ukarumpa International School in our daughter Stephanie's class for a few years in the mid-90s.

I have stayed on in the village for a extra two weeks, primarily to join in an patrol through some of the Menya villages that are not in our immediate valley area, to let them know about the dedication of the print, audio and digital versions of the NT, which is scheduled for February. As we let people hear the recording of Luke they are excited so we are encouraged that there may well be a large presence at the dedication, plus a willingness to pay the subsidised cost for the books and MegaVoice units. Yesterday I was in Menyamya and was able to talk privately for a few minutes with the Lutheran Church District President and he has asked to by one of the players so that he can take it on his patrols for his people to hear and to encourage them to attend the dedication and buy the books and players.

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