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Leigh and Barbara's Blog


June 2017 Prayer & Praise Update


We are in a magazine

Dear friends,
Can it be June? 2017? I am astounded at how quickly these past 5 months have flown past. Thank you for your continued support as you stand with us. 

We are mentioned in a magazine - Word Alive magazine produced by Wycliffe Canada chose to feature the work of the Canada Institute of Linguistics where I work. There are many great articles, but two articles highlight us personally: how God called me into missions from a difficult past; and how our work in Vanuatu made me a better teacher at CanIL. Here is a link to a PDF of the magazine (we're mentioned on pp 11-14).

Training the Next Generation of Bible Translators and Scripture Use Workers

A few of our recent graduates who are heading into ministry,
standing with the donors who helped them with their education.

  • PRAISE – The last few years, CanIL has been stepping up its recruitment efforts by going to more conferences, colleges, universities and high schools to try to communicate to the next generation the need for their involvement in God's plan to bring His Word to every tribe, tongue and nation. And we are thankful that this summer intake of students is one of the highest ever with just under 100 students. Many of these students are coming to discern if this is God's will for them. Please PRAY with us that God would direct this new group of students.
  • PRAISE – Each April, CanIL celebrates the students who complete full degrees and specialized training tracks (some of whom are pictured above). Almost all these students are able to complete their training through the generous support of CanIL's donors and also launch out to the mission field faster. It is wonderful to see some of these donor come and present their gifts and encourage these students by their words and actions.
  • PRAY for this upcoming summer session. Several of the classes are getting beyond what even our largest classrooms can hold. So while there is excitement in the air, there will likely also be some challenges. Thankfully, my summer Principles of Literacy class is a nice manageable size. 

Fruits of Bible Translation and Scripture Use in Vanuatu 


  • PRAISE - I recently received a report from former students of mine, Ryan and Jordan Kopke, who are now working in Vanuatu with Pioneer Bible Translators. Here are excerpts that they sent:

"I was in a handy craft shop and met Lydia who said she was from Southeast Ambrym. That made me excited because a friend and colleague from CanIL (Canada Institute of Linguistics) and his family helped those people to publish a NT with an OT Panorama. It was just published and dedicated last year. I told Lydia I would do my best to find her a copy because she had not seen it yet. With the help of a couple teammates, I got a copy of the newly printed Southeast Ambrym Scriptures, and headed back to the shop. Lydia was there at a sewing machine. As I pulled out the Scriptures she smiled really big. And she hugged the book. As she began reading the Bible in her own language, her eyes began to tear up. She kept hugging her Bible, reading it,and expressing gratitude in numerous ways." 

Ryan also shared, "As I was walking home, I struck up a conversation with a man who also turned out to be from Southeast Ambrym. Some of his family members had gone to the the Bible dedication in Santo last year. He did not have a Bible but really wanted to buy one. I Just so happened to be carrying a Southeast Ambrym Bible in my hand to give to a new friend. So I handed it to him and right then and there he bought it from me."

  • PRAISE - Another exciting bit of news is that colleagues of ours in Vanuatu, Miklos and Zsofi, are helping the Paama translators to produce the The Jesus Film based on the gospel of Luke. Miklos wrote saying, "The Paama group are a great team. Zsofi has already checked about 1/4 of their work and said it is amazing. We have talked to the workshop leaders who say their work is among the best they have seen." So proud of this team and excited about their work. The editing of the Luke translation is the first stage. Recording and dubbing will be completed at a later date. 



  • PRAY for the large group of students studying at CanIL this summer (stamina, and confirmation of direction).
  • PRAY that Barbara and I would have wisdom to be God's representatives wherever we are and in whatever we do.

Thank you so much for your ongoing friendship, partnership, and support. 
Until they all hear,
Leigh for the Labrecque family

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