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Derryl and Karen Friesen's Blog


Living on Mission - What is your missional purpose?


Missional purpose. What is it anyway? Should living in Thailand be any different than living life in Canada or anywhere else? How did Jesus live? Here is one guy's (uh . . . that would be Derryl’s) perspective on “organic” following of Jesus and inviting people to come along.

A couple months ago, Travis, the lead pastor at Centre Street Church  Airdrie Campus wrote me in the middle of (our) night and said in effect, “We are doing our Global Missions Sunday in a few weeks. We’re teaching on “Defining Your Missional Purpose.” We’d love it if you could send us a short video and share how you have defined (and are living in) the missional purpose that God desires for you and encourage our folks how they can also live with missional purpose.”

Well, I was heading out on a trip the next day to northern Thailand to help with a formal evaluation our “Kinsha” Bible translation projects in a neighbouring hard-to-access country. So I said “sure, why not!” But I was really stressed about how to plan, shoot and edit a video in a week. One evening my great friend Shane egged me on, “Derryl don’t worry about it! Let’s just go do it!” So I grabbed my camera and we headed to a famous hill-top temple guarded by two giant, seven-headed, 100-meter-long, concrete snakes slithering down hundreds of steep stairs. The lighting was perfect. Shane was grinning. He clicked the shutter button . . . (beware, it's longer than three minutes!)

So the question remains . . . "How are YOU living out the missional purpose God desires for YOU?"

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Peter & Jennifer Brassington
Peter & Jennifer's Photo

excited (smelly) ants, vacuum cleaner salesmen, and mountain biking storytellers. Great combination. Glad you didn't bike down those stairs!

Derryl Friesen
Derryl and Karen Friesen's Photo

Haha! What are the rules? I love the saying, "If you put God in a box, it rarely goes well for the box!" I also don't live well inside the confines of boxes. Praise God for our freedom in Christ! (And I have put you on our email list now!)

Katie Peacock
Wes and Katie Peacock's Photo

Thanks for that good word of encouragement and exhortation.  Awesome as always even though you always break the rules for how long videos and prayer letters should be. These blogs are coming down.  I guess I need to be on your mailing list.

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