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Transition (Again!)


If school finished on Friday, June 2, why was I so excited to be getting up earlier than usual to go to school on Monday morning?  I am excited because I have another opportunity to practice healthy transition.  On June 2, we celebrated the last day of school at The Greenhouse, the school where I have been principal all year.  We finished at 11 am, and by noon I was back at RFIS greeting students and finding ways to help.

The last day of school was a special day of celebration!  It started with our final morning meeting with the staff.  I shared from Numbers, and one of my colleagues led us in a song from the words.  Then I got to ring the bell and share announcements and pray and sing with the students one last time.  The students spent two hours in their classrooms with their teachers while I finished some report cards.  At 10:20 after snack and recess we played some water games.  We ended with a very fun and crazy (yet safe) water fight.  I was honoured when so many students wanted to throw sponges at me.  It was so special to have so much fun together.

I loved my year working with the staff, students, and parents involved in the Field Education System (FES).  It had its ups and downs.  As in all of life, there were good days and hard days.  Some things I can talk about, and some parts are still a bit too painful to share.  I learned a lot in my first experience as a school administrator.  One of my tasks during this break is to reflect on my year and try to analyze my experience and understand how the challenges and successes have impacted me.  I know I learned the importance of delegation.  It is impossible to accomplish any worthwhile task without a team.  When I tried to do everything myself, things did not go well.  I also learned the importance of taking responsibility when things did not go smoothly.  When people had questions or concerns, it was easy to give into the temptation to blame someone else or make excuses.  I learned that it was much more effective to apologize and try to correct things than to try to dodge responsibility.

After the elementary students finished school, I spent two weeks at RFIS helping the staff and students finish this year and prepare for next year.  I enjoyed helping supervise final exams.  I even helped mark a few.  The best part was getting to encourage students during the challenges of the end of year tests.  I also got to help decorate for graduation, make the corsages for the moms of the graduates to receive during the ceremony, and serve snacks at two different graduation receptions.  I am so thankful I was able to be celebrate with the graduates and their families.  It is hard to believe that the students I taught eighth and ninth grade English to are finished their secondary educations.

I only have a few tasks during this break between school years.  I need to return to the office at the elementary school and tidy things up and prepare for the return of the regular FES coordinator.  I need to rest and reflect.  A significant portion of the break will be spent preparing to teach my classes at RFIS starting in August.  I will be teaching Algebra I, English 9, World Geography and a grade 11/12 Bible elective about prayer.

Thank you for joining me on the journey

Rejoice with me for:
All of God’s amazing provision during my year in an administrative role
Amazing staff at both schools.  I am so thankful for the people I work with.
Excitement for teaching a number of new classes next year

Request with me for:
Wisdom to balance the need for rest, reflection, and preparation before the next school year
Strength and energy for each RFIS team member as we all take on extra duties this year
The safe arrival before school starts of the grade one/two and three/four teachers for FES

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Katie Peacock
Wes and Katie Peacock's Photo

Always enjoy reading your School posts. Sounds like you have quite the range of classes to teach this next year.

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