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If you smell gas, run!


I always thought action movie shots with big explosions were super cool. Especially when the hero, like Rambo, just walks right out of the fireball unscathed. However I found out that I am not Rambo, and if I get hit by a fireball, I don't walk out unscathed! 

In Indonesia most stoves use gas from a bottle, kind of like the propane bottles we use for our bbq's. They also use gas for small on-demand water heaters in the shower. Sounds a little odd, but they work well. Now my problem began when I confused the gas bottle for the shower heater with the one for the stove. Long story short, I turned up the pressure on the wrong bottle, caused a leak in the stove, and then lit it! KABOOM! A great big fireball attacked my legs! 

I don't know if Rambo has leg hair, but if he does, it's probably immune to fire. Mine however decided to melt away. Luckily my skin stayed in place, but it sure turned red and looked nasty for a few days! Praise the Lord for lots and lots of silver sulfadiazine cream and people with good advice, now the burns are almost healed. 

Otherwise it has been fairly fun and uneventful visiting Indonesia again. I helped re-locate and re-wire some engine instrument equipment on one PC-6 so far, and will start on another aircraft later this week. 

And don't worry, for the safety of my leg hair, and stoves around the world, I've decided to give up cooking for good. Now I just have to find a good excuse to not do dishes...  :)

Comments (2)

Roy Eyre
Team Eyre's Photo

Wow, what a story! Glad you healed up, and it wasn't worse.

Katie Peacock
Wes and Katie Peacock's Photo

I think one propane story is sufficient for your missionary lifetime.  So glad it wasn't worse. I once had a stove go whump at me but it didn't throw fire. That stove was retired.

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