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Steve & Sonia Dettweiler

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Steve & Sonia Dettweiler's Profile

Did you know there are over 450 languages spoken in Nigeria? It's a linguist's paradise! Steve and Sonia have been serving in Nigeria since 1991, equipping Nigerians to be engaged in Bible translation and language development. They are currently based in the U.S. while Steve pursues U.S. citizenship. Steve serves as a linguistics consultant, using his knowledge of Nigerian languages to promote clear and natural translations of Scripture. Sonia serves as administrative assistant to the SIL Area Director for Anglo-Lusophone Africa, an area which includes about 30 countries in Africa. Her organizational skills are invaluable in that role. The Dettweilers thank God for open doors to contribute remotely from the U.S. to the work of Bible translation in Africa through video conferencing and internet technology.

Steve and Sonia's sons, Joel and Micah, are living and working in Charleston, South Carolina.

We invite you to partner with the Dettweilers' Wycliffe ministry through your prayers and finances. They send out a monthly email update and would be happy to add friends to their distribution list upon request.

Steve & Sonia Dettweiler's Blog


An Exciting Venture

October 13, 2014

About a month ago, Sonia and I were asked to share with a group of Nigerian colleagues, our Church Seconded Staff. We were happy to tell about some experiences of relating to our partners. In particul...

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