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Bert and Wilma

Bert and Wilma Visser

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Bert and Wilma's Profile

Bert grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada and practiced law for 11 years before joining Wycliffe Canada in 1996. Wilma grew up in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada and became a nurse.
After one year of Management Development and Orientation Course in Dallas, Bert and Wilma studied French in Quebec. They, with their three children, arrived in Cameroon in January 1999. After their orientation course, Bert was in charge of external relations and partnerships for SIL Cameroon until September 2007. At that time, Martin Beyala, whom Bert had helped to recruit, train and mentor, became the head of the PR Department.
In January 2005, Bert became the first Director of Church Relations (a joint SIL – CABTAL department) under the supervision of CABTAL (a Wycliffe organization). In December 2008, Efi Walters Tembon (mentored by Bert) became the CR Director. At that time, Bert started serving as the Director of Administration and Finance for CABTAL. In December 2012, he became the General Director of SIL Cameroon. He provides leadership to about 200 staff serving over 60 language communities.
Wilma has served in SIL Cameroon Health Services since 1999, being the Coordinator since 2004. This helps missionaries obtain medical advice in a context that is very different than their passport country. She has also helped out in the Human Resources (HR) Department when they were short staffed and she is now the HR Assistant, working there when she is not doing Health Services. 
Bert and Wilma’s children are all married and there are a total of 5 grandchildren.

Bert and Wilma's Blog



July 26, 2018

“What is Re-Entry? Re-entry is the experience a person has once they return to their primary culture (most likely the home culture in which they grew up) after having lived and adapted to a host cultu...

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June 15, 2018

“Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.” (Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest) When I read a comment like this, it creates a great tension in me. It is easy t...

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Where is Home?

June 05, 2018

In April, we vacated our apartment in Cameroon where we had lived for 13 years. We left the city where we had lived for 19 years. We did not know where we would live in Canada, but probably not PEI – ...

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Reading the whole Bible

May 25, 2018

The church that we attended in Cameroon hosted a 5-day retreat in order to read the whole Bible – reading from 7 am to 9 pm. When Wilma and I decided to take a 3-week retreat in order to seek God’s wi...

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