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Rick and Hannah

Rick and Hannah Olney

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Rick and Hannah Olney's Profile

Rick is from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and Hannah is from Essex Junction, Vermont. Rick joined Wycliffe Canada in 2013, when he started the Masters of Linguistics and Exegesis at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. He and Hannah met in 2014 while studying together at the CanIL. Rick graduated with his Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis in April 2015. Following this, Rick started teaching Articulatory Phonetics, which is a core course at CanIL. Hannah is currently working on finishing her thesis for the Master of Arts in Linguistics. Once Hannah receives her Canadian permanent residency, she can join Wycliffe Canada, and she and Rick plan to serve in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Rick plans to be involved in Bible translation and Hannah hopes to do linguistic analysis.

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