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Rachel Brewer

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I'm a Liberty University student (studying biblical languages, linguistics, and global studies) interning with Wycliffe Canada/USA at JAARS HQ in Waxhal, NC. I'm going to be working in the Vernacular Media Department helping build a database of issues translators encounter in the New Testament. I appreciate your prayers as I enter this new chapter in my life!

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June 26, 2015

First off, thanks for all the kind messages you’ve sent me as I moved in and settled into life here at JAARS. I seriously appreciate it.  I believe I’ve officially been here almost a month. It’s hard ...

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First Days at JAARS!

June 02, 2015

I have officially settled into my apartment at JAARS Center. It's gorgeous here, very idyllic and laid-back. I've met the others on my internship team, my supervisors and mentor, my coworkers at Verna...

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Leaving Home

May 19, 2015

Before I say anything, I want to start out by thanking all of you that partnered with me financially, in prayer, and in encouragement for this internship. As far as I'm aware, by the time my internshi...

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